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Electricity in Y4

By | Uncategorized, Year 4

Today, Y4 started our topic on Electricity.  We talked about the uses and dangers of electricity and how to stay safe.  We all tried to make a bulb light using only one cell and one wire.  Well done those who were successful.  We will try again next week and explore more components for our circuits.

Y4 and the Beanstalk

By | Year 4

Y4 are getting ready for our work on Jack and the Beanstalk. We have decided to grow a beanstalk of our own at home. On Friday 27th October, all Y4 children are bringing home a bean to plant.  Please plant and then care for your bean so that it grows into a healthy plant. How tall will your beanstalk grow?

Y4 – Our Guiding Lights

By | Year 4

In RE, we have been talking about Jesus being the light of the world.  We wanted to share some of the work we created thinking about the other guiding lights in our lives.  We are all very lucky to have so many special people to help guide us in our lives.

Roman Pottery

By | Year 4

Look at the detail on this Roman pot.  It has a layer of tin inside as gold and some other metals leave a taste when you use them for cooking.  Another great idea from the Romans!

Maths in Y1

By | Maths, Year 1

Well done to the Y1 maths superstars who came to Y4 to explain their work on making 7 in different ways.

How many ways can you make 7?

Is 3 + 4 the same as 4 + 3?