Year 4

Roman Pottery

By | Year 4

Look at the detail on this Roman pot.  It has a layer of tin inside as gold and some other metals leave a taste when you use them for cooking.  Another great idea from the Romans!

Y4 English

By | Year 4

On Friday, Y4 enjoyed a reading session in the library.


Here are the spellings we are working on.

misspell         mismatch         inhuman           misbehave

disagree         unfair               inactive           misunderstand

Reflex Maths

By | Year 4

Wow! We have some children who are really increasing their times table fluency.  Well done to those people who have logged on to Reflex at home.

We have been trying to become as fluent counting forwards as backwards in multiples of three.  How high can you go?  How can you use your skills to help you count in multiples of six?

We know we can do it- just like it says in today’s Bible verse.

“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”