Sinai's recent improvements to the school library. The library has had a lick of paint and the Book Busters reading club is in full swing. Come to the library and read one of our book reviews.

Truth + Honesty = Sinai

House Sinai are improving the school library area. A copy of their action plan can be found on this link. They are looking for Sinai volunteers so please let them know if you are willing to help. 

I’m the leader of Sinai and I was chosen to be head boy because I am supportive and I have a passion to be a leader. Also I am very responsible and would do anything I get told to do!

I hope to share my ideas with the other leaders to really improve our school.

Together we are stronger!

Hello my name is Emma and I am the leader of Sinai. I was chosen for this role because I am very organised, responsible and kind.

Now that I am head I will really try hard to improve St. Alban’s.

Come on St. Alban’s!

2016-2017 Leadership

The Story of Sinai

After escaping from Egypt, the Israelites wandered through the deserts of Sinai for 40 years. During this time they learned more about what God wanted them to do and be, as people and as a nation. At Mount Sinai Moses received the Ten Commandments. This is why we say that Sinai House is about Truth.


Moses encourages God’s people to obey the laws- not because of some empty sense of ‘duty’, but out of gratitude for God’s unlimited love. The commandments can be found in the book of Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21.