Maths in Y1

By | Maths, Year 1

Well done to the Y1 maths superstars who came to Y4 to explain their work on making 7 in different ways.

How many ways can you make 7?

Is 3 + 4 the same as 4 + 3?

Mining Museum

By | Year 2

We had a fantastic time at the National Mining Museum and learned lots of things about child miners and their lives. Take a look at some of our pictures on the attached power point.


By | Homework, News, Year 3

Spellings to be tested next Thursday (19th Oct) are in your child’s log book. Here they are in case they don’t make it home this weekend! ūüôā

  • impolite
  • impossible
  • immature
  • immoral
  • impatient
  • imperfect

Y4 English

By | Year 4

On Friday, Y4 enjoyed a reading session in the library.


Here are the spellings we are working on.

misspell         mismatch         inhuman           misbehave

disagree         unfair               inactive           misunderstand