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Pantomime season begins in Year 4

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This week, all children have had the opportunity to try a range of acting roles and have been given a part in our production of Jack and the Beanstalk.  Remember, there is no such thing as a small part.  Make sure you shine by making the most of the role you have chosen.  If you are a dancer or singer, you could find a song to include and write some new words or create a dance routine.  If you are backstage, you could design and make a piece of the set or a prop.  If you have a speaking part, you could write part of your script so that it can be included. Start to talk with a grown up at home about what costume you could make together.  We will let you know the date we will be performing our pantomime as soon as we can.

Poem based on ‘My Life as a Goldfish’ by Rachel Rooney

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My Life as a Goldfish

by Oscar

Lamp          TV        Picture

Lamp          TV        Picture

Lamp          TV        Picture

Lamp          TV        Picture





Picture  TV

Picture  Lamp

Picture TV

Picture Lamp






Y4 Poetry

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Nobody Knows

By Ruby FD

Nobody knows what Jojo knows. Nobody knows but she.

So Jojo took me for a stroll and showed her world to me.


I met her by the dark green gate.

Then I followed her to a forest where we ate.


She told me roots of trees are where little pixies go to keep out of sight.

Jojo knows birds flying past scare the butterflies in the morning light.


We came across the willow dome.

Jojo knows that’s the unicorn’s home.


We climbed a bumpy tree. The wind soared past as it turned into night.

There we saw creatures swoop down on leaves with delight.


She told me sprites brush their hair with a magic comb.

Then a unicorn appeared to take us home.


I got back at midnight. I walked up to the buildings entrance door.

But when I turned to say thank you and goodbye, Jojo was no more.


Nobody knows what Jojo knows. Nobody knows it’s true.

So let me take you for a stroll and I’ll show her world to you.


Nobody knows

Class Teacher

Mrs Staniforth

Year 4 Teacher

Hi I’m Mrs Staniforth, I teach Year 4 and I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our class.

Y4 Class Charter  – We write new rules each year in September. Here is our Class Charter for 2017-18.

  • We enjoy learning.
  • We work hard.
  • We are independent.
  • We are kind and helpful.
  • We are brave.
  • We have lovely manners.
  • We keep ourselves safe.
  • We are the Year Four team.

We try to be superheroes by always being ready to learn.

Year 4 Class Routines

Water Bottles

Every child will need a water bottle in school.  They are responsible for bringing it into class in the morning and taking it home with them every day.  Plastic sports bottles are ideal but please make sure that they are named.

Lunch Boxes

Children place their lunch boxes on the trolley outside the classroom.


This term, our PE sessions will be on Wednesday and Thursday.

For safety reasons, jewellery may not be worn at school.  Earrings must be removed (by the child) for PE.  Children with long hair will need to tie it up.


Homework will be set on Fridays so homework diaries need to be in school on Thursday so that homework can be marked.  Homework may include spellings, mental maths activities, Abacus maths online, Quick Recall Facts, topic research, SPaG as well as frequent reading and comprehension questions to be completed in the purple reading journals.  Please remember that all children learn at different rates and although activities may be differentiated for the children, there may be times when children find their homework too easy or too difficult.   If this is the case, please let me know in their homework diary.

Year 4 Curriculum Details

Y4 Curriculum

We make sure that our Year 4 curriculum is flexible enough to follow the interests of the children in our class. We enjoy learning about number, measurement, geometry and statistics and use our skills in other curriculum areas as often as possible.

Throughout the year we have the opportunity to try lots of different games, dance and gymnastics activities in PE and enter football, cross country, rounders and orienteering  competitions.

In music we can learn to play an instrument and we enjoy listening to different types of music and making our own.  We also have French with Mrs. Brotherton as well as using espresso coding to develop our computing skills further.

Autumn Term

Roman soldiers will be marching into class in 2017 and helping us find out more about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.  We will be reading, Gladiators Never Blink by Nick Warburton.

Towards Christmas, we see a live Pantomime performance of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Rotherham Civic Theatre….OH YES WE DO! We also hope to write our own script and perform for an invited audience.

Spring Term

Our topics will include rivers and the water cycle. We learn about the temperatures that solids melt at and find out more about solids, liquids and gases. We find out that some materials are about as much use as a chocolate teapot!  We will read the novel, The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. 

 Summer Term

On Mondays, Y4 go swimming for 11 weeks. We start on Thursday 19th April and our final session is on Thursday 12th July.

Our topic includes finding out about another locality and this year we will be going on our residential visit to Castleton on Thursday 3rd May to Friday 4th May.  There are lots of exciting things for us to see and do while we are there and once we return to school, as we find out about a contrasting locality and compare it with where we live.  Why not have a look at our Castleton page and see all the fun things we did last year.



There is an expectation that Year Four children will learn all their tables by the end of this year.  Knowing a times table means being able to count in a multiple, say the multiplication in order and then out of order and then recall the division.

If your child finds this difficult the only way to move forward is to practice little and often.  If you would like more support with this area, please ask.


Your child will be doing a variety of reading sessions in school including guided activities and shared reading throughout the curriculum.  The more they read at home the better!  Lots of discussion about the texts they are reading which ask detailed questions about why the characters are behaving in a certain way, help your child to develop a deeper understanding of what they are reading. Please sign your child’s reading record every time you listen to them read and talk about their understanding.  Your child will need to have their reading book, journal and record in school every day and take it home every night.  Sometimes, we are unable to change your child’s reading book on the same day that they hand it in so please share a different book at home. 

Expectations are that every child will change their book at least once a week.  If your child has progressed onto a book that is too long to read a whole book and answer questions in a week, please ensure that they hand it in so that we can see their progress.  Mrs Gurner will oversee a homework club on Tuesday lunchtimes for those children who are unable to complete their reading homework at home.

Please remember that your child will learn best if they are happy in school.  If they have any worries, please encourage them to tell me or you can see me in the morning or after school to let me know your concerns.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to working with you and your child during the year.

Important Year 4 Documents

Year 4 Calculations Policy

Year 4 Calculation Videos

This video shows how Y4 children use counters and a formal method to show how to add two four digit numbers.  It is important to leave a space for any carrying figures.

This video shows how Y4 children use formal methods to multiply a three digit number by a one digit number.

Can you multiply 345 x 6?

Would you use this method to multiply 399 by 2?  Why not?


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