Welcome to our School 

St. Alban’s is a happy, welcoming school, where children thrive in a ‘family’ atmosphere with Christian values at the centre.

We are blessed with a fantastic team that is nurturing and inspirational.  

 Each individual child is important to us at St. Alban’s, and the children are at the heart of everything we do. We want to provide the best learning experiences possible. Whilst we are immensely proud of our school we are not complacent as we continually look for ways to improve.

In a society which is increasingly showing signs of isolation and disintegration, we value our role as a school in the development of pupils’ sense of responsibility, belonging and ownership of their own school and local community.

We hope that this website captures the spirit of our school. A school that opens for all of our children, ‘Life in all its fullness’.


This is our school vision that threads through every part of school life.

We seek Wisdom

We will encourage you to seek wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do with the knowledge and skills that you have acquired. Wisdom is ability to know what is true or right. Part of seeking wisdom is learning how to be disciplined.

We are Courageous

We value courage, we want you to have the confidence and determination to make your own way in life. Courage requires vulnerability – as seen in the legend of St Alban. We will celebrate vulnerability and make our school a safe place for you to flourish. Classrooms are daring!

We Belong

There is an adventure in learning waiting for you. It’s a long road ahead but we promise to make sure no path is blocked and no door is closed to you. We recognise no one is perfect, every child belongs at St Alban’s. You will learn from your mistakes and we will celebrate these learning opportunities as we move forward together.

We are Aspirational

At St Alban’s we encourage children to ask the big questions; Who am I? What do I desire? and How then shall I live? Everyone at St Alban’s is expected to serve and develop personal leadership. 

Our hope is that our children see life as a mission, not a career.  


Every child deserves a champion – we will never give up on you. We want you to achieve all the goals you set yourself and more!

At St Alban’s we will insist that you become the best you can possibly be in every way.

Lucy Higson- Head of School 

Amy Gurner – Executive Headteacher

For general enquiries and further information, or to request a copy of any of the content from this website, please contact Katie Shemwell (Administration Officer) on 01709 542878 or email stalbans@sap.dsat.education.

For Special Educational Needs (SEN) enquiries, please contact our SENDCO Rachel Cooper on 01709 542878.