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Future Swimming Star!

By News, Sporting Excellence, Year 5
In only his 3rd Gala and only 7 months after joining Rotherham Metro swimming club, Bowan has qualified for the Yorkshire finals in his age category for 50m backstroke. The qualifying time for a 10 year old boy is 45.6 seconds and Bowan recorded a time of 43.8 seconds. As well as this amazing achievement, he was less than a second off qualifying for 100m Freestyle. Bowan has more opportunities to qualify for more events at the Yorkshire Finals on the 7th September.
This is a fantastic achievement within his 1st year of swimming competitively and all of us are super proud of all the hard work and dedication Bowan has put in! We have a future swimming star on our hands!

Delightful Greek Food!

By Design Technology, History, Year 5

As part of our ‘Ancient Greece’ topic, Year 5 looked at the different types of food that the Ancient Greeks would have eaten. The foods they tried were: Green & Black olives, Greek Yoghurt, Pita Bread, Feta Cheese, Halloumi Cheese and Tzatziki. They carried out a food tasting of each food, looking at texture, aroma, taste, appearance and giving each a rating out of 5 stars.

The most popular Greek Food was Halloumi cheese, with lots comparing the taste to that of cheddar string cheese.

Year 5 will use their food tasting notes to help them write a ‘Greek Food Experience’ food critique.


It’s All Greek to Me!

By History, Visits, Year 5

As part of our topic ‘Ancient Greece’, Year 5 went on a visit to Weston Park Museum. They took part in a workshop learning the story of Athena and the creation of Athens. They were able to create their own Parthenon using columns and walls made from polystyrene. They were also able to create their our aulos, which are an instrument the Greeks played that looked like a two parted flute.

In the afternoon, the children had the chance to look around the various exhibits in the museum, such as What on Earth!, Sheffield Life and Times and Beneath our Feet. They discovered lots to do with our local history.

For more photos, take a look at our photo gallery.

Exploding Eruptions!

By Design Technology, Geography, Science, Year 5

This half term, Year 5 have been looking at the topic ‘Extreme Earth’. Over the course of 4 weeks, the children have each designed and created their own volcanoes using a plastic bottle, cardboard and newspaper.

We then created our own volcanic ‘eruptions’ using bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and some red food colouring.

Have a look at our results in the gallery and how the children created their fantastic volcanoes!

Miss Knapp

By Visits, Year 4

At Christmas time this year, Year 4 will be visiting the Rotherham Civic Theatre to see Jack and the Beanstalk.

On our return, we hope to write our own version of the pantomime and perform it for an invited audience.  You will enjoy it.  Oh yes you will!