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Easter at St Alban’s

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Easter is a very special time of year for Christians, and something which we have enjoyed celebrating over the last week here at school.  Here are just some of the highlights.

Children in Reception re-enacted when Jesus came into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  They had used their amazing scissor skills to create some wonderful paper palm leaves.

We had a very successful Easter Fair, arranged by our fantastic PTA.  Children took part in Easter egg hunts, tombolas, hoopla and of course, ate plenty of yummy Easter treats.

On the final day of term everyone went to St Alban’s Church to thank God for giving us his only son.  The year 6 children helped to act out the story of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection to help all of the younger children to understand.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a St Alban’s Easter without a visit from the Easter Bunny…

We wish all of our families a very happy and peaceful Easter.

Mrs Gurner & Mrs Higson

Prayers and Promises during Lent

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Lent is a very special time for Christians, and we have looked at the temptation of Jesus as part of our Collective Worship this half term.  During Lent, many Christians choose to give something up, fast, or make promises about how they can be better people.  We have prayer stations and corners around school for children to pick up a cross and reflect on a promise they can make to themselves or to God.  Children can then either fold it up and keep it somewhere safe as a reminder, or share with others to seek support.

Here are our wonderful Sinai leaders showing everyone else where they can find them.

A very special letter

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We were delighted to receive this letter in the post today from the Minister for Schools.  This is to acknowledge the truly amazing achievements of our Year 4s in their multiplication tables checks last year.  Out of the 16,000 schools in England, St Alban’s was in the top 200.  We are so proud of all of the children, parents and teachers who help our children to be their best every day.