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Parent Workshop in Year 3

By Art, Community, Year 3

Year 3 were delighted to welcome parents into school yesterday to take part in our art unit on collography. Pupils designed an image of an Ancient Greek mythical creature, transferred it onto cardboard and cut it out. We used ribbed paper and hole punches to add texture, ready to be printed using acylic paints.

Igneous Chocolate Chips

By Science, Year 3

Today in science, year 3 learnt about igneous rocks.

We used white and milk chocolate chips to show rocks in the ground. We put the chips into a bowl and put the bowl into hot water. This was like rocks being melted at the earth’s core.

The chips melted and blended together. This showed the minerals had melted. We poured the melted chocolate out which was like the molten rock coming out from inside the earth.

The molten rock solidifies and forms a new rock, called igneous rock.


Sedimentary Sandwiches and Metamorphic Chocolate

By Science, Year 3

In Science, year 3 have been busy making sedimentary sandwiches and metamorphic chocolate.

The different parts of the sedimentary sandwiches represented the different sediments that make up sedimentary rocks, such as dead plants, animal bones, dust and other rocks.

For metamorphic rocks, we used white and milk chocolate to help us understand how different rocks merge to form metamorphic rocks through heat.


Testing rocks

By Science, Year 3

Today in science, year 3 continued our rocks topic. Using a range of rocks, we tested and made observations on hardness, permeability, reactivity (using vinegar) and whether they sink or float in water.

Rocks we used included limestone, chalk, sandstone, marble, coal, mudsalt, flourite and basalt.

Classifying Rocks

By Science, Year 3

Today in science, year 3 continued their unit on rocks. Remembering how we classified and grouped the sweetie rocks from earlier in the term, we used a variety of real rocks which we grouped into different categories according to their characteristics. These included characteristics such as smoothness, size, shine, etc.


Sweetie Rocks

By Science, Year 3

As an introduction to our science topic on rocks, Y3 used ‘sweetie rocks’. We examined each sweetie rock, and then sorted them into as many different groups as we could according to their properties: soft/hard, colourful/not colourful, round edges/not-round edges, etc. This is helping us prepare for understanding the differences in real rocks and comparing their properties.

Shell Structures Year 3

By Community, Design Technology

In DT, year 3 have designed and made cake boxes as part of their module on shell structures. We used Computer Aided Design (CAD) as part of our planning process, and learnt about the different types of materials that can be used. A big thanks to Staniforths at Wickersley for giving us some sample boxes to help us during our design process.



Local History Month

By Community, History, Visits

Last month was Local History month at St Alban’s. Each class was tasked with learning more about a certain aspect of our local history in Wickersley. From Joe Lister to the Anglo Saxons, we made short trips around our village discovering clues, remnants and symbols from our rich past.

Local History Week

By Community, History

We’re all looking forward to local history month in June at St Alban’s. We’ll be learning about different aspects of our local history in Wickersley, ranging from farming to Vikings! We can’t wait to share our amazing work with you.

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Mr Dawson
History Lead