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Year 6 Design and Technology

By Design Technology, Mental Health, Year 2, Year 6

For DT, Year 6 needed to make a product for a client.  Their clients this year were Year 2 children.  The Year 2 children were asked to create a character for their Amygdala (the part of the brain that controls the fight, flight or freeze reactions).  Their designs would be brought to life by the Year 6 children completing a textiles project to turn the designs in to a soft toy.

Throughout the process, the children have had to have client meetings to discuss designs and fabrics etc..  They learned about different types of stitches, seam allowance and different finishings such as embroidery.  With help from their families and friends, the year 6 children spent an afternoon sewing the products.

The Year 2 children have finally received their products and they are over the moon with them.

Here are some examples:


Y6 Crucial Crew

By PSHE, Year 6

Y6 went to Crucial Crew.  Crucial Crew is an excellent venue that delivers safety information from the different services such as the Police, Fire, Magistrates and Transport.

The children learn about Knife Crime, Road Safety, Bus Travel, House Fires, Water Safety etc..

Y6 English Work

By English, Year 6

Y6 have been working extremely hard with handwriting and presentation skills.

We have produced descriptive writing, diaries and letters about our Pathways to Write book – Star of Fear, Star of Hope.


Y6 London Residential

By Art, Geography, History, Music, Year 6

Y6 had a fabulous time in London.

We visited many different places.

Our visit supported our curriculum: In the British Museum, children remembered previous history learning about Romans, Greeks and Egyptians.

We visited the Tower of London to support our Crime and Punishment learning in Y6.

We walked around London, thinking and looking at geographical features and completing fieldwork about Where is Buckingham Palace.

The Tate Modern was an interesting visit for the children to recognise different styles of art and artist.

We also watched the West-End show SIX


English and Drama

By Drama, English, Year 6

During our English lesson about our story Star of Fear, Star of Hope, the children had to create a freeze frame about a scene. One child had to narrate the scene for the rest of the class.

Y6 Science

By Science, Year 6

Our topic in Science is Light.  The children started the lesson trying to explain how they thought they could see objects.  They then investigated how light travelled and discovered that light travels in straight lines.