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English and Drama

By Drama, English, Year 6

During our English lesson about our story Star of Fear, Star of Hope, the children had to create a freeze frame about a scene. One child had to narrate the scene for the rest of the class.

Y6 Science

By Science, Year 6

Our topic in Science is Light.  The children started the lesson trying to explain how they thought they could see objects.  They then investigated how light travelled and discovered that light travels in straight lines.

Y6 Maths

By Maths, Year 6

Year 6 had great fun exploring the use of Cuisenaire Rods in maths.  They used these to investigate different equivalents and used them to understand bar modelling.

Y6 Mosque Visit

By Religious Education, Year 6

Y6 visited a local Mosque in Rotherham.  Our RE curriculum looks at comparing Christian Aid and Islamic Relief.  The visit was very informative and the children got to look at how different or similar churches and mosques are.

The children had a guided tour around the Mosque and learned about cleanliness, prayer and community.

Y6 Road Safety

By PSHE, Year 6

Y6 had a visitor to school to talk about Road Safety.  The children recapped on what had been previously learnt at Crucial Crew and related this to moving on to secondary school.

The children learned about the App What3Words and now understand that this is a very useful app for finding a persons location in an emergency.

Y6 Art Work

By Art, Year 6

This term, Y6 have been looking at printing in art.  They studied different artists that use printing to produce work and investigated ways to make patterns.

After this, they created their own patterns using pencil crayons or paint.  The children then did printing work of their own by using lino printing.  They needed to use a small square of lino and carved out a pattern.  They used paint to print repeated patterns.