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School Games Platinum Award

By Sport, Sporting Excellence

Today we received the excellent news that we have maintained our Platinum School Games Mark.

Here is a message from the School Games Organiser:

St Alban’s Primary excel when it comes to PE & School Sport and fully deserve their Platinum Award for 2021/22. Their offer caters for all children within their school to experience physical activity and sport at a level they are comfortable with – constantly engaging with School Games and key stakeholders to ensure maximum uptake in extra-curricular opportunities. Their commitment to those children who aren’t ready for the competitive environment has been key to their success this year, with their Sports Leaders / Council playing a massive part in ensuring their school offer is current, inclusive and engaging.

Mrs Jepson also needs recognition for her hard work with the School Games and wider physical activity opportunities – she really is the driving force behind their success and the children and staff are lucky to have her as their PE Lead. Well done Mrs J and St Alban’s!

Queen Elizabeth

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We hope that you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate this special occasion, children from FS1 to Year 6 have created portraits of our Queen.

We are so proud of the children’s creations and love the way they have captured their own personality in their art work.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back at school tomorrow.


Mrs Gurner

Gratitude Tree

By Collective worship, Community, House Jordan, House Sinai, Religious Education

Meet our new Gratitude Tree

At St Alban’s we often say, ‘Gratitude is an attitude.’ We try to appreciate the small and big things and be grateful for what we have.

Next week, as part of our end of day prayer, we will ask the children to think of three things that they are grateful for and think about these things.

Next to the tree will be a golden leaf. If any child would like to share what they are grateful for, then they can write a note and place it on the leaf. Each week, I’ll check the leaf and read out the things that the children are grateful for in collective worship.

Today I am grateful for the sunshine, listening to the children sing in collective worship and the blossom tree in our infant yard. I feel very blessed to work in such a special school.

I’m also grateful to one of our very talented parents, Joanne Openshaw (Blooms and Posies), who created our blossom tree- thank you.

Mrs Gurner

Parent Resources

By Collective worship, Community, PSHE, Religious Education

Today many of our children came to school asking questions about Ukraine. For this reason, in collective worship we talked about worries and the importance of sharing these worries with people that we trust.

Here are some reading resources to help parents think about how they can support children with what they are seeing or feeling during these challenging times.

Thank you,

KS2 Reading Tutors

By English, House Carmel, Reading

Meet our reading tutors! Last week, Mr Frelich and I trained these children to listen to infants read. Once a week, our kind tutors will listen to younger children read, to help build their reading fluency.

Community is so important to St Alban’s. The younger children love having this special time with our year 5 and 6 children. What excellent role models we are blessed to have at our school!

A Message from Sinai House Leaders

By Collective worship, Community, House Sinai

Dear Children,

Exciting news! After half term, we are selling prayer bracelets. If you would like to order a bracelet then please complete the order form attached and hand in to your Sinai house ambassador, who will pass it on to us, your House Leaders. Please hand in by Friday 18th February.

Prayer bracelets remind you to pray about certain things. You can order more than one bracelet and we will be selling them all half term so you can order additional bracelets if you miss the deadline. We’ll keep order forms in classrooms.

All bracelets cost £1.50 and money raised will go towards updating the gratitude tree. Children can bring the money to school when they receive their order.

Thank you,

Ariella and Lexi (Sinai House Leaders)

P.S. We are sending home order forms tonight.

Prayer Bracelets

By Collective worship, Community, House Sinai, Religious Education

Today we were so proud of Sinai, who delivered a fabulous assembly to the whole school. Sinai have a team of children busy making prayer bracelets to sell and raise money for the school. All money raised will go towards updating our reading tree in the school library.

We are hoping to hang blossoms from the ceiling and make it more enticing for the children. Our big idea, is to transform the tree into a gratitude tree. An action that we continuously try to promote at school.

At the end of this week, Sinai are sending prayer bracelet order forms to classes and ‘hopefully’ the bracelets will be ready to purchase after half term. I’ll pop an order form on dojo for parents to see.

Well done Sinai, you were organised, entertaining and truly excellent role models to the whole school- thank you.

Queen’s Jubilee

By News

Please note, an additional holiday day has been added to the end of the academic year due to the Queen’s Jubilee. In lieu of the additional bank holiday which falls in Spring bank holiday week.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Supporting our Children through Books

By Community, English, PSHE, Reading

Unfortunately, most children will experience loss or grief. We want to be here for our children through the good times and the sad times. With the help of Ernie’s Wish, we now have a library of beautiful books that could help children through these challenging times.

Children can loan these books or read them with an adult at school -whatever feels right. Books have such a special way of helping children understand and explore unfamiliar emotions.

Please let us know if your child requires any additional pastural care.

A big thank you to Mrs Mayor, who sourced many of these books from Ernie’s Wish.

Thank you,