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State Funeral

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Following the announcement from Buckingham Palace of the death of our sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a period of National Mourning has started and will continue until the end of the State Funeral. This is a period of time for reflection in response to the death of the Sovereign.

The official date of the State Funeral is 19 September 2022. This day will be a bank holiday and St Alban’s will be closed as a mark of respect on this day.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Today in collective worship, we will be gathering to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. All of our teachers are prepared to answer children’s questions, in an age appropriate way.

In collective worship, there will be a twin emphasis both on sadness at the death of the Queen and also thankfulness for her long life and reign. Marking 70 years of reign this year she became the longest serving monarch. We will mention that the Queen had a really important job earlier this week, as it is the monarch who asks a party leader to be their Prime Minister, and the Queen made a point of doing this final duty.

Any such event will possibly engender conversations in the classroom. Here are some pointers that have been shared with staff but I thought maybe useful for parents too.

Children will want to talk – and they can be asked both to share what they know about the Queen and also any talk about the day of her death and how they heard the news. We will bear in mind there may have been sadness in homes at this time they will want to relate.

We use the terms ‘death’ and ‘died’ and avoid euphemisms.

We are mindful of those particularly affected, allow children to say what they want and need to say and listen carefully.

Staff should feel totally free from any pressure to offer any answers to questions around ‘death’ and ‘dying’, it is ok to not have the answers.

We will make it clear that being sad is natural, as is not knowing what to feel or say.

Here is a prayer that will be offered for children:

God of love,

We thank you for the life of The Queen,

for her service to our nation,

and for her faith in you.

Be close to all of us who mourn,

that we may we find comfort and hope in your love,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


An online Book of Condolence has been started – we will be explaining that this is a way in which the Church has arranged for everyone to write a note of sadness or thoughts for King Charles.

At school, we have lots of books that explore death in an age appropriate way. If you wish to borrow one of these books, then please let me know.

Mrs Gurner

Reception Baseline Assessment

By FS1, FS2

Welcome back Reception,

You may have noticed that we are calling your child’s class ‘Reception’ rather than ‘FS2’. We have made this decision as most documentation from the DFE refers to the class Reception (as you can see from the attachment).

From now on, we are calling FS1 (Nursery) and FS2 (Reception).

Here is some information about the baseline assessment that will be taking place over the next six weeks. It is nothing to worry about, and your child will most likely be unaware that it is happening.

If you have any questions then please speak to either myself or a member of the Reception team.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Extreme Weather Warning

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Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware the advance weather forecasts are for extreme heat during Monday and Tuesday. We are writing this to let you know of the school’s plans to keep your children safe. It feels strange to be sending information like this, we are more used to snow and ice than the heat.



Please ensure the children are dressed in cooler, looser clothing and ideally clothing with long sleeves so skin is covered up. School jumpers are not recommended.


It is advised that all children wear a hat for school. Please use sun cream before your child comes to school.


The Building and water


During this period, we will take regular water-breaks to ensure that the children remain hydrated. You might want to send your child with a water bottle with chilled water (or even from the freezer) to start the day. Water will be available in school.


All windows and doors across the school will remain open to encourage air-flow throughout the building. Blinds in classrooms will remain closed to try and reduce any glare and unnecessary heat.


Break and Lunchtimes

At break and lunchtimes, the children will remain inside for the majority of the time.


There may be short periods where we take children out to shaded areas.

Delete if not appropriate (St Marys!!)


There will be no PE lessons simply to reduce any chance of dehydration or exposure to the sun.



We have been sent some guidance from the Local Authority and have used this to inform you of the way we intend to work. Should we receive further guidance we will inform you.


If we felt it was unsafe to remain open we would let you know as soon as possible. If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Further information is available here

Thank you Travis Perkins

By Community, House Jericho

During the Easter Holidays, our Jericho House Leaders, Jasmine and Caleb wrote to local business to get further support to develop our school garden.

Travis Perkins kindly donated new flower beds, sleepers and soil. This week our house leaders visited Chris at Travis Perkins to say a big St Alban’s ‘thank you.’


Thank you,


Mrs Gurner

School Games Platinum Award

By Sport, Sporting Excellence

Today we received the excellent news that we have maintained our Platinum School Games Mark.

Here is a message from the School Games Organiser:

St Alban’s Primary excel when it comes to PE & School Sport and fully deserve their Platinum Award for 2021/22. Their offer caters for all children within their school to experience physical activity and sport at a level they are comfortable with – constantly engaging with School Games and key stakeholders to ensure maximum uptake in extra-curricular opportunities. Their commitment to those children who aren’t ready for the competitive environment has been key to their success this year, with their Sports Leaders / Council playing a massive part in ensuring their school offer is current, inclusive and engaging.

Mrs Jepson also needs recognition for her hard work with the School Games and wider physical activity opportunities – she really is the driving force behind their success and the children and staff are lucky to have her as their PE Lead. Well done Mrs J and St Alban’s!

Queen Elizabeth

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We hope that you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate this special occasion, children from FS1 to Year 6 have created portraits of our Queen.

We are so proud of the children’s creations and love the way they have captured their own personality in their art work.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back at school tomorrow.


Mrs Gurner

Gratitude Tree

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Meet our new Gratitude Tree

At St Alban’s we often say, ‘Gratitude is an attitude.’ We try to appreciate the small and big things and be grateful for what we have.

Next week, as part of our end of day prayer, we will ask the children to think of three things that they are grateful for and think about these things.

Next to the tree will be a golden leaf. If any child would like to share what they are grateful for, then they can write a note and place it on the leaf. Each week, I’ll check the leaf and read out the things that the children are grateful for in collective worship.

Today I am grateful for the sunshine, listening to the children sing in collective worship and the blossom tree in our infant yard. I feel very blessed to work in such a special school.

I’m also grateful to one of our very talented parents, Joanne Openshaw (Blooms and Posies), who created our blossom tree- thank you.

Mrs Gurner