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Germs Experiment in FS1

By FS1, Science

In FS1 we have been looking at the importance of washing our hands.  We used bread to show how germs spread.  Mrs North put on rubber gloves and placed a piece of fresh bread in the plastic wallet.  She then washed her hands with hand sanitizer before touching another piece of bread.  All the class touched a piece of bread and finally Mrs North washed her hands with soap and water.  Below are some photos of what we did and the findings from our experiment.


All the class touched a piece of bread.


Mrs North washed her hands with soap and water before touching some bread.




An unexpected visitor came into the school. FS1 went to investigate!

By FS1

An unexpected guest came into school and was caught on film!  We saw film footage of a dragon entering what looked like the keystage 2 end of the school, so we thought we would investigate!  There we discovered a dragon’s egg. We looked at ways in which we could carry the dragon egg safely back to the classroom. What we needed to do to look after it and discussed the meaning of the word fragile. It is safely back in our classroom and we are waiting patiently for it to hatch!


Fun With Colour

By FS1

We have had lots of fun exploring colour this half term.   Looking at the colours in a rainbow, colours through music, how colours make us feel and what different colours can we make through mixing.