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Year 3 observing over time.

By Science, Year 3

Year 3 used the working scientifically skill of observing over time to see if they could change the colour of a white rose.

They put a rose in a jar of water and food colouring and left them to see what would happen.

Some children’s flowers changed colour.


Plants in the local area Year 1

By Science, Year 1

Year 1 have been looking observing, naming and finding wild flowers in the local area.  We saw bluebells, dandelions, buttercups, snowdrops, nettles, clover daisy etc.

We know that wild flowers are wild because they can grow without being cared for.


Science in FS1

By FS1, Science

FS1 have been very busy investigating materials this term.

We looked at how bubbles are made and enjoyed making a huge bubble.


Mud painting. Dry mud we couldn’t paint with, so decided to add water. We discovered it became sticky and so was easier to paint with.

The children said it wasn’t like paint it was ‘lumpy’ and ‘sticky’.


We looked at floating and sinking. The children chose an item of a tray, predicted if it would float or sink. They discovered that the heavier items sank and the lighter ones floated. Then they sorted the objects under the heading float, sink. The dinosaur they decided needed to go in the middle when sorting because it floated and sank.