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Year 1 Design and Technology

By Design Technology, Year 1

Following our work on houses and homes and our walk to view different types of homes, we designed , made and evaluated our own home.  We had a focus on making hinges so that the doors and windows would open.

First we looked for hinges and found them in many places in the classroom, some Mrs Whyman didn’t even think of!

We then practised making different types of hinges and joins that we would use on our homes.

We then made our homes and evaluated them.


We also made homes from building blocks.

Fire Fighters visit Year 1

By Geography, PSHE, Visits, Year 1

Year 1 had a visit from the Fire service to support our learning.  Children were very excited and loved that the fire engine came up the drive flashing its lights and sirens.  We learnt about the different parts and equipment a fire engine has, sat inside the cab and got to use the fire hose.  It was very powerful. 

Science in Year 1

By Science, Year 1

This term Year 1 have been investigating plants. We have examined seeds and grown out own plants (cress).

Children have investigated the parts of a plant.


Children have been on numerous walks around the local area and have found plants and trees in the environment.



Science in FS1

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In FS1 we collected a selection of objects from the story we had been looking at that week the naughty bus. We wanted to find out which objects would float and which would sink. The children put their thumbs up if they thought the object would float and thumbs down if sink. It was explained that they were making a prediction. The children felt the items and said because it felt heavy it would sink, felt light it would float.



In FS1 we were looking at why things float in the sea. We used an egg and placed it in water it sank to the bottom. We spoke about how the sea has salt in it, so we started adding salt. The children estimated how much salt they thought would be needed to make the egg float. After about 8 table spoons the egg began to float because of the salt. The children learnt that the salt comes from rocks in the sea and it makes the water heavier.


We were looking in FS1 how germs spread and the best way to wash our hands. We used glitter as the germs and spread the glitter by touching hands. Then we found out that hand sanitiser cleans a lot of the germs away, but not all. Soap and water cleaned hands the best.