Here are some videos of Y4 children showing how we do calculations at Wickersley St Alban’s.

Why not watch one and try it yourself.  Can you show someone else how to use the method?

Using Counters to Help Model Addition

The video shows how to add 38 to 645.

Why is that tricky?

Remember that you do not take 10 ones away.  You exchange ten ones for one ten.

What is tricky about the questions below?

567  + 82 =

2562 + 814 =

What do you need to exchange?

Mrs Staniforth would love you to try some of these and explain your completed your calculation.



Can you show other people how to use counters for column subtraction?

What is tricky in this calculation? Why is it tricky?

4532 – 1206 =

4532 – 1260 =


Using a Formal Method for Column Addition