Well done Mya!

By | Art, Religious Education, Year 6

During lockdown Mya has been very busy painting pictures and sending them to local hospitals. Today she received this certificate praising her kind efforts. Well done Mya- we are very proud of you for being such a caring girl.

Year 2 Robots

By | Art, Design Technology, Year 2

Year 2 had a great time designing and making robots to support their design and technology learning.

To complete the project the children raced their robots and observed which traveled the fastest and furthest.


Well done year 2!

Nick Rowland Volcano Artwork

By | Art, History, Uncategorized, Year 4

Y4 have been learning about the famous volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. In our art linked to this topic, we have looked at the artist Nick Rowland and his volcano artwork. The children have tried to imitate Nick Rowland’s style by splashing bright paint on to their pastel pictures. The results were extremely effective (but a bit messy-sorry!) Here are some of the children’s amazing work!

Shadow Puppet Theatre in Y3!

By | Art, Design Technology, Science, Year 3

To round off our learning all about light and shadows, we put on a show today using lollipop sticks, a torch and Mr Woodhouse! We know that opaque objects make the best shadows by blocking the light so created characters using black cardboard. Our theatre was not the most professional looking but it certainly did the job, with extra thanks to Mr Woodhouse and his expert torch holding!

Well done year 3, it is brilliant to see you apply what you have learnt this half term!

Mrs Williams

Giacometti Sculptures

By | Art, Design Technology, History, Year 4

This week, year 4 have been studying the artist and sculpturist Giacometti. We then created our own Giacometti inspired “sculptures” of Queen Boudicca using aluminium foil.