e-safety: Screen Addiction

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Today’s e-safety information is about screen addiction. It covers health and wellbeing, loss of interest in other things and sleep.
It also offer parents tips for how to deal with screen addiction.



Year 2 coding

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Year 2 have been practising coding using Espresso coding. Children know that each line of a code is like an instruction. We have started using a variety of inputs in our codes including clicking with the mouse and pressing different keys on the keyboard.

e-safety: Wiz App

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Wiz App is a new social networking app that allows live chat with strangers from around the world. There is a real danger of your children talking to adults online through this app. This safety guide will help you and your child navigate the app.

e-safety: Influencers

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Influencers are just that. They influence people, including many children. It’s one of the reasons why it costs almost £10 for a bottle of Prime Drink. This guide helps parents understand how they can help their child navigate the challenging world of influencers. 

e-safety: Parenting Gamers

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Lots of our children at St. Alban’s consider themselves gamers. But to a lot of parents, it is esoteric knowledge. This simple guide offers some brilliant tips should parents require them. 

e-safety: Roblox

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This week’s e-safety guidance is on the popular Roblox software. the guidance discuess the studio, chatting and friend requests as well as online payments and how to keep your child safe.

e-safety: Online Appearance

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Today’s e-safety is all about the social pressures linked to appearance when online and how it can link to mental health. It talks about ways apps can change appearance and ways in which you can engage with your child. 



Computing in Year 5

By Computing, Year 5

Do you use the Internet to find out about things you find interesting and spend time browsing various webpages? If you do, do you think about how the web pages are created?

All websites are written in a text language called HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and this term Year 5 are learning to use HTML to add text and images to a webpage.  Below is some information the children created while beginning their HTML journey.

Click on the images to read our coding information.

e-safety Instagram

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Today’s e-safety guide is all about the social media platform of Instagram. It covers in-app payments, body image & mental health, location tagging and top tips for parents.
It also offer parents tips for how to deal with screen addiction.