Design Technology

Strengthening Shapes in Design Technology

By Design Technology, Year 5

Last week in design technology, we learned that triangles are stronger shapes than squares.  Today we learned how to make shapes stronger by adding card triangles. An ‘L’ joint allows two pieces of wood to be joined at right angles. ‘L’ joints are used to make the corners of rectangular frames. Some people also made square frames or ‘T’ joints using lolly sticks.

Year 3 Textile Purses

By Design Technology

After weeks of hard work, Year 3 have finally finished our textiles D.T topic. We used a variety of sewing techniques including running stitch, blanket stitch and whip stitch to create our product. Lots of children decided to use an applique to make their purses appealing while a few children chose to include some embroidery. When all our final products were complete, we completed both peer and self evaluations of our purses. As part of our evaluations, we carefully considered whether our product was suitable for the target market and what we liked/disliked. Overall, everyone did an amazing job and I am very pleased with the final outcomes.

Y3 Textiles Project

By Design Technology, Year 3

After months of waiting due to lockdown, Year 3 have finally started creating their final product for their textiles D.T project. Our task was to design and create our own money container/purse. First we looked at existing products, evaluating the products while considering who their target audiences might be. Then we designed our own purses. To do this, we had to decide what fastening we would use and how we would make our products appealing to the target market. Next we made paper templates for our purses before finally starting to create our final pieces using sewing techniques to join materials. Y3 have made an excellent start to their purses and will finish these off over the next couple of weeks.

Year 2 Robots

By Art, Design Technology, Year 2

Year 2 had a great time designing and making robots to support their design and technology learning.

To complete the project the children raced their robots and observed which traveled the fastest and furthest.


Well done year 2!

Shadow Puppet Theatre in Y3!

By Art, Design Technology, Science, Year 3

To round off our learning all about light and shadows, we put on a show today using lollipop sticks, a torch and Mr Woodhouse! We know that opaque objects make the best shadows by blocking the light so created characters using black cardboard. Our theatre was not the most professional looking but it certainly did the job, with extra thanks to Mr Woodhouse and his expert torch holding!

Well done year 3, it is brilliant to see you apply what you have learnt this half term!

Mrs Williams