New Summer Menu

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Please see attached our new Summer Menu that starts next week. The menu now offers two daily hot options. To order a lunch for your child, please use Lunchhound.

Thank you

School Grab Bag Menu

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Taylor Shaw have shared their new grab bag menus for September. Click on the link to see the menu for week 1. To order your child’s meal please use the lunch hound app. For more information contact our school office.

Free School Meals

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Click on the link for more information about free school meals during school closures.

Some of you may have not registered for Free School Meals even though you are eligable. This may be because your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 and you haven’t felt the need to do this yet as you access Universal Free School Meals, or it could be because your child usually prefers their own packed lunch, or possibly because you didn’t quality before but your circumstances have changed and you do now. If this is the case and you believe you qualify, I cannot encourage you enough to apply for this benefit.