Food for thought

Who built the pyramids?

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You might think you know who built the pyramids, but who built this pyramid?

It was Megan and she built it out of cake so we could all share her homework.  Mmm…

Thank you Megan.  It was delicious.  We also discussed the faces used to make a net for a pyramid.  We decided that Megan had made a square based pyramid with four isosceles triangular faces.

What will you share with us on Thursday?


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Today, we have been learning more about Roman numerals and started writing dates using them.  We were interested to see the pattern in today’s date of XIX / IX / XIX.  We have moved onto learning Roman Numerals up to 1000 and recognising years written in Roman numerals.  For example, 2019 is MM XIX.  Can you write some other years using Roman numerals?

We hope you like the ‘joke’ above.

Taylor Shaw: Our New School Dinner Provider

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In September we will be using Taylor Shaw to provide healthy school dinners. The catering company have come highly recommended and we think that you will be pleased with the food choices.  

This week Mrs Tune has sent letters out explaining how you can preorder your child’s dinner online using Lunch Hound. We have set up a link on our school website, in the parent information menu.  

Key Stage 2 parents can pay for school dinners using Parent Pay, a link is also on our website.