Handwriting Morning

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Thank you to everyone who attended our handwriting morning in EYFS and KS1 today.  It was great to have so many families learning about the way we develop pre-handwriting and handwriting skills at St Alban’s.

Whole school Geography Fieldwork month!

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October was “Geography fieldwork month” in St.Alban’s. Fieldwork is where you go outside the classroom and find things out for yourself. Over the last month, our students have had the opportunity to explore the local area and learn in a more practical, hands-on way in geography.

Each class was given a different enquiry question that they had to try and answer using a variety of progressive fieldwork skills. Children across school completed maps, surveys, time sampling, tallys, pictograms and digital mapping linked to their enquiry question. Children then used the information that they had gathered to draw their own conclusions.

Today, each class had the opportunity to present their findings to the rest of the school. Children were very adept at explaining what they did and what they found out. Well done St.Alban’s- we are all geographers!

Proposed Admission Changes

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Dear Parent/Colleague,


The Diocese of Sheffield Multi Academy Trust is the admissions authority for our school. This means the trust is responsible for setting the admissions arrangements for the schools within its organisation. When changes are proposed to admission arrangements, all admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements that will apply for admission applications the following school year.


A change to the policy is proposed for St Alban’s C of E Primary  School and the proposed new policy can be found at


The trust have resolved to consult on a change to admissions policies, starting with the one determined for use next year to offer places to the September 2025 intake. The change is a move from prioritising church attendance to prioritisation of children living locally, in the parish. We believe this to be pastorally and educationally responsible, prioritising allocating places to children who live in the parish community of the school, as determined by the Church of England on “A Church Near You” []


We see this as in keeping with the spirit of the Church of England’s historic commitment to parish schooling, acknowledging that our schools are not faith schools for the faithful, they are Church schools for the community.


Responses can be sent to the trust at a Please enter “Admissions” in the subject bar.

The consultation will run until 12th January 2024.

We look forward to engaging with schools and communities in this change


Huw Thomas

Chair of DSAT