Local History Week

By FS2, History

This week at school has been local history week. The FS2 children have created a time capsule which cannot be opened until 2028 when the children will then be in Y6! The children have been so excited about this project and have brought in various items from home, such as favourite toys, food wrappers and photos amongst other things! We also have a flag to remember the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee and a covid mask as a reminder of the pandemic! We have also produced  some writing in class which has been placed in inside the ‘capsule’. Well done FS2!!

Maths in FS2

By FS2, Maths

This morning, FS2 children enjoyed practising their learning in the continuous provision. They all showed their developing number sense.


Maths in FS2

By FS2, Maths

In FS2, a key focus this week has been deepening the children’s understanding of 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the 5 fingers on one hand.  Our work has helped to underline the ‘fiveness’ of 5. Isn’t maths fun!

Thank you Aspen Lodges

By Community, FS1, FS2, Fund Raising

Over the Summer Holidays, we have been truly blessed by one of our parents. Mr McCoy and his team of highly skilled builders built a tree house in our Foundation Stage playground.

Our children have loved playing in our new tree house. It changes daily, from the Dragon’s castle to Robin Hood’s Home. School are overwhelmed by the generosity of Mr McCoy and his team. Thank you so much for making our school such a special place.

Foundation Reading Parent Workshop

By Community, English, FS1, FS2, Reading

Dear parents and carers,

On Wednesday 6th October, we are hosting a foundation reading parent workshop. In this meeting, we will explain how we teach reading at St Alban’s and share a few tips that you can use at home.

The meeting will be at 4:15pm and should last 30 minutes. We’ll post the zoom link on class dojo on the day of the meeting.

Thank you,

Mrs Gurner

Thank you J.T. Pickfords

By Community, FS1, FS2, Fund Raising, PTA

We would like to say a huge thank you to J.T. Pickfords who have kindly offered to pay the shortfall to build our foundation climbing frame. This means we can set contractors to work very soon.

All money raised from the sponsored walk will go towards improving the FS outdoor area. Mrs Taha is already busy ordering things for the children to enjoy- photos to follow.

We are so proud of the FS children walking 10000 steps. We are truly grateful for the support we receive from our school community. Working together to give our children such a happy school life.