Carmel’s Easter Treasure Hunt

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Carmel’s Easter Treasure Hunt was a great success today. We will announce the winning house in  collective worship tomorrow.

A huge thank you to the House Carmel’s Leaders. They organised the whole day and demonstrated their superb leadership skills.


The PTA rewarded all children with a chocolate egg- this was a welcome treat after the fast pace treasure hunt -in the cold Spring air!

Super Independent Writers

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Look who came to visit me today! These FS2 children have been writing their own version of Whatever Next-independently. These impressive 4 and 5 year old children are writing:

-at length

-in full sentences

-remember how to spell tricky words

-use good vocabulary



Carmel’s Book Sale

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Thank you for for supporting House Carmel’s book sale with your kind book donations.


The book sale went really well but has been cut short due to school closing. So when we return to school we will continue to sell books at break times.

We have a great selection of good quality books and most books cost 50p. All money raised will go towards buying new seating for the library area.


Thank you

‘Book in a box’ competition

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Book Week 26th February – 2nd March
“Book in a box” competition

Our Book Week Competition this year is to create a “book in a box” with super prizes for every year group!

You will need a box, which can be a cereal box, shoe box or equivalent. Choose your favourite book and decorate your box (inside and out) to represent the different parts of the book.

 You could draw or cut out pictures of the characters or significant objects from the book.
 You could recreate a scene from the book inside.
 Include interesting quotes from the text.
 Don’t forget to include the title and author of the book too.
 Make it as colourful and exciting as you can.

For inspiration look at examples of books in boxes on Google “book in box project ideas”. Also Google “book in a box Southam Primary school” and they have some great ideas on their website too.
Label your box clearly with your name and year group and bring your box by Monday 26th of February for judging. Prizes will be awarded at our celebration of the week assembly on Friday 2nd March.

Get Creative!

Independent Robot Making

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Today during ‘busy time’ the children rushed to the creative table to make these fantastic robots. Then they wrote about their creations- Mrs Taha and Miss Pickering are very impressed.

The Sleepy Shepherd

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We would like to say a massive well done to all the children who preformed in our Infant Nativity. The show was a huge success and we feel so blessed to have such talented children and staff at our school.


Thank you for your kind donations. Our chosen charity this year is the Lighthouse Homeless Project. Next week we will let you know how much we have raised.


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Love Mrs Gurner,