London’s Burning

By Design Technology, History, Science, Year 1

Year 1 had a great time building Tudor houses, lining them up on the field and then setting light to them. It took only 20 minutes for the fire to spread and completely destroy our Pudding Lane.


No children were harmed and all appropriate risk assessments were completed!

Year 5’s Anglo Saxon Day

By History, Year 5

Year 5 had a very special visitor last week! They got to meet an Anglo-Saxon warrior. Throughout the day, the warrior told the children why the Anglo -Saxons first came to Britain during the rule of the Romans, what they dressed like and why the Vikings came over. 

They were able to carry out an Anglo-Saxon King’s burial and found out what they took with them to heaven, learnt how the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings both went into battle and their war chants. 

Year 5 then learnt about the end of the Anglo-Saxon rule over Britain and how it came to an end through the Battle of Stamford Bridge against the Vikings and the Battle of Hastings against the Normans. 

It was a truly enjoyable day, with the children all learning lots of new facts and information about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.


From Mrs Knapp