Y4 Homework Heroes

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Year 4 have not only been working extremely hard in lessons at school but also, they have been continuing the good work at home. For homework, they have created fact files about a marine creature of their choice. Here are some of my favourite ones!

Y4 Stars

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Congratulations to Charlotte M, Jasmine N and Amelia C who were the Year 4 Most Valuable Members of their teams in our latest Times Tables Battles.  They worked really hard for their teams.

Who will be our most valuable team members next time? It could be you!

Practising the 3 and 4 X tables!

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At the end of November we will be having a test of our knowledge of the 3 and 4 times tables. I will giving questions to test the tables but also the corresponding division facts.

The following website is great to practise and is tablet friendly. We have been using it at school and the children really enjoy it.


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Spellings to be tested next Thursday (19th Oct) are in your child’s log book. Here they are in case they don’t make it home this weekend! 🙂

  • impolite
  • impossible
  • immature
  • immoral
  • impatient
  • imperfect