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Child Exploitation (CSE)

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This week is Safeguarding Awareness Week and, following a request from the community, Rotherham LEA have produced a short awareness session on how people can spot the signs of Child Exploitation.

The session provides an overview of child exploitation, some of the signs you may see where you live or work and how you can respond confidently to concerns. The video lasts for 15 minutes and can be viewed using the link below.


Safeguarding is everyones responsibility.

Extreme Weather Warning

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Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware the advance weather forecasts are for extreme heat during Monday and Tuesday. We are writing this to let you know of the school’s plans to keep your children safe. It feels strange to be sending information like this, we are more used to snow and ice than the heat.



Please ensure the children are dressed in cooler, looser clothing and ideally clothing with long sleeves so skin is covered up. School jumpers are not recommended.


It is advised that all children wear a hat for school. Please use sun cream before your child comes to school.


The Building and water


During this period, we will take regular water-breaks to ensure that the children remain hydrated. You might want to send your child with a water bottle with chilled water (or even from the freezer) to start the day. Water will be available in school.


All windows and doors across the school will remain open to encourage air-flow throughout the building. Blinds in classrooms will remain closed to try and reduce any glare and unnecessary heat.


Break and Lunchtimes

At break and lunchtimes, the children will remain inside for the majority of the time.


There may be short periods where we take children out to shaded areas.

Delete if not appropriate (St Marys!!)


There will be no PE lessons simply to reduce any chance of dehydration or exposure to the sun.



We have been sent some guidance from the Local Authority and have used this to inform you of the way we intend to work. Should we receive further guidance we will inform you.


If we felt it was unsafe to remain open we would let you know as soon as possible. If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Further information is available here

Author Day: Friday 1st October

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Author: Zowie Norris

Dear Parents, Carers & Children at St Alban’s Primary School,

I am excited to visit your school on Friday 1st October for an ‘Author day’, where I will share my new story ‘Barb the Bird of Hope’. I will talk to the children about my inspiration for the story and my journey to becoming a new Rotherham author and illustrator.

Barb the Bird of Hope

This story is based around the theme of having hope. Barb is an unusual bird who lives in a laburnum tree in Bretton Park. She is a symbol of hope for the other birds in the park and provides hope for some of the daily visitors too. Things take a turn for the worst – a pandemic changes everything and a terrible storm destroys the park and Barb’s tree. Will things get better? Will hope be restored?

Available online at,,,, plus others

If you would like your child to purchase a signed copy on the day at a special price of £8 with a bookmark gift, please complete and return the attached slip below.

With much hope and happiness.