By History, Maths, Year 5

Today, we have been learning more about Roman numerals and started writing dates using them.  We were interested to see the pattern in today’s date of XIX / IX / XIX.  We have moved onto learning Roman Numerals up to 1000 and recognising years written in Roman numerals.  For example, 2019 is MM XIX.  Can you write some other years using Roman numerals?

We hope you like the ‘joke’ above.

Y4 Stars

By Homework, Maths, Year 4

Congratulations to Charlotte M, Jasmine N and Amelia C who were the Year 4 Most Valuable Members of their teams in our latest Times Tables Battles.  They worked really hard for their teams.

Who will be our most valuable team members next time? It could be you!

Maths Fluency Superstars

By Maths, Year 2

Today I was greeted by these super stars who know all the number facts that they are expected to know in year 2- already! They have worked very hard to be fluent with all of their number bonds and 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Well done boys, we are very proud of you all.