Year 5 visit Weston Park Museum

By History, Visits, Year 5

Today, Year 5 visited Weston Park where we travelled back in time to the Bronze age.  We considered what it was like in Sheffield at that time.

We thought about how the people were buried.

Once we had looked at the artefacts in the collection, we travelled in space to think about the Ancient Egyptians. We considered the similarities and differences between England and Egypt.  We discussed the location of Egypt in Northern Africa and the River Nile which flows through it.

We found out more about the sarcophagus and how X-Rays and CT Scans were used to find out more about the mummified person inside.

We learned more about the mummification process and how internal organs were removed.

We started an experiment to see how salt preserves organic matter.

We discussed grave goods. (Grave goods, in archaeology and anthropology, are items buried along with a body.)

We looked carefully at the artefacts and created some of our own.

We also discussed whether grave goods should be in museums and had a debate as ethical archaeologists.



Local History Month

By Community, History, Visits

Last month was Local History month at St Alban’s. Each class was tasked with learning more about a certain aspect of our local history in Wickersley. From Joe Lister to the Anglo Saxons, we made short trips around our village discovering clues, remnants and symbols from our rich past.

Fire Fighters visit Year 1

By Geography, PSHE, Visits, Year 1

Year 1 had a visit from the Fire service to support our learning.  Children were very excited and loved that the fire engine came up the drive flashing its lights and sirens.  We learnt about the different parts and equipment a fire engine has, sat inside the cab and got to use the fire hose.  It was very powerful. 

What do Christian’s believe?

By Collective worship, Religious Education, Visits, Year 5

This morning in The Main Event, Year 5 thought about What Christians believe.

We asked questions such as:

Do you think there is a God?  Why or why not?

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

According to Christianity, where do people fit into God’s world?

What could Jesus do to convince people that he was telling the truth?

What do Christian’s believe was achieved by Jesus’ death?


Later, we tried more outdoor activities with our friends.