Year 3

Year 3 D.T Textiles

By Design Technology, Year 3

As part of our D.T textiles project, Year 3 have been very busy designing and creating their own purses/wallets.

First, we looked at existing products, discussing what makes an effective purse. We compared the different fastenings/materials used and also considered the ways in which the purses appealed to the target market.

Next, we experimented with a range  of different materials to see which would be the most suitable to make a purse out of. We tested the materials strength and flexibility and also checked whether they were waterproof or not.

Children then designed  their own products for their intended users. To do this, they needed to think carefully about what fastening/material they wanted to use. Furthermore, pupils tried to make their product designs appealing to their target market by planning to use applique, embroidery or fabric pens.

Afterwards, Year 3 had chance to practise using a range of different stitches including blanket stitch, running stitch and back stitch. This helped students to decide which stitches they would use when creating their products.

Then came the making! Children made paper templates for their purses before cutting their material. They used their own choice of stitches to join the material. To make their products appealing, pupils used a range of different techniques including applique, pens and even embroidery.

Finally, we evaluated our products as a class, considering whether they were appropriate for the intended user. Children discussed anything they would change if they had the opportunity to do the project again.

I have been absolutely blown away by the end results of our textiles project. Everyone has done absolutely amazing! Here are a few examples…



Walk to school week 2022

By Community, Geography, House Jericho, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Children at St.Alban’s have ditched their cars this week, instead choosing to walk/cycle/jog to school! Not only is this better for the environment but also brilliant for both our physical and mental health. Well done to house Jericho for organising the week and thank you to all children who took part.

Here are some pictures taken from some students’ journeys to school….

Year 3 Local History Week

By History, Year 3

Continuing our research into St.Alban’s in the past, Year 3 children had a look at the old student roll of children attending St.Alban’s in the 1980’s. Interestingly, we found some familiar names!

Olly was very happy to find his Dad in the book. We also spotted Mrs Gurner (before she became a Gurner!) and Mrs Canadine’s two children.


We also looked at the booklet made for the opening of the school in 1965. In it, some children who attended St.Alban’s had sketched the school building. We decided to have a go at completing our own sketches of the school now!

Year 3 Local History Week

By History, Year 3

To conclude our local history topic of “Schools in Wickersley”, Year 3 have been considering how St.Alban’s itself has changed since opening in 1965. As this was a change within living memory, children were able to interview our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Canadine who actually attended the school as a child in the 1960’s. They asked many questions like: “What were the school dinners like?”, “Were the teachers strict?” and “How was St.Alban’s different to what it is like now?”

We then had a look at the original plans for the school building and made comparisons to the building today. We went on a walk around the school noting down similarities and differences.

On our walk around school, we noticed the Lodge Bible winners poster. The lodge bible is a St.Alban’s tradition which has ran since 1966, whereby one Year 6 child per year is awarded a bible for their outstanding progress in Religious Education. The 1973 winner is actually a current member of staff- Mrs Brotherton! The tradition was stopped for a few years however, on becoming headteacher, Mrs Gurner reintroduced the Lodge Bible award. Ben and Jack were very happy to spot the names of their older siblings, who were previous winners.


Year 3 Local History Week

By Geography, History, Year 3

Today, we have found a little part of history within our school grounds!

This datestone was originally from the National school in Wickersley, which opened in 1855. The National School was located where the doctors is now.

We have been looking at old photographs, maps and reports to find out about life in the National school and how it compares with our school today.

We found out that life in the National School was very different. Attendance was really poor and so was the quality of education. Many parents chose to send their children to Whiston school instead! The school was overcrowded and did not even have running water.

Year 3 Local History Week

By Geography, History, Year 3

This week in school is local history week. Year 3’s focus this week is looking at schools in Wickersley over the years.

Yesterday, we went on a short walk around the village.  We plotted our route on maps of the area and jotted down any human/physical features that we saw.

Our walk included a stop off at the old Dame school. The story goes that the larger door was for the teacher and the smaller door for the children. When a child was too tall to enter through the small door, standing upright, then they were deemed ‘big enough’ for work.

We discussed whether we thought this was fair or not and thought about how schooling has changed in Wickersley.

Even the shortest children in Year 3 are too tall to pass through the small door. So parents, feel free to make your children work at home!


Y3 Compass Directions

By Geography, Year 3

In geography, Year 3 have been learning the main cardinal points. We applied our knew knowledge by using compass directions to locate features on a variety of different maps. Finally, we practised using real compasses outside. Children had to follow written instructions using compass directions.

Investigating shadow sizes

By Science, Year 3

In science, Year 3 have been busy preparing for our upcoming shadow puppet show. We wanted to ensure that we could alter the size of our shadows to make our puppet characters appear larger/smaller at different points in our performances. We investigated whether we could change the size of our shadows by altering the distance between the light source and the shadow puppet. To do this, we used our rulers to accurately measure the distance between the light source and the puppet and also, measure the width of the shadow. Before trying each distance, we predicted how wide we thought the shadow would be. Our results showed that the closer the light source is to the object, the bigger the shadow.

Y3 Trip to Murton Park

By History, Year 3

The Sabre Tooth Tribe (Year 3 class) all travelled back in time to experience life in a Neolithic settlement. We took part in many prehistoric activities including pottery making, weaving, grinding wheat into flour and we even managed to go hunting! The Year 3’s represented our school brilliantly and we had a fantastic day.