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Music Lessons – Y3 to Y6

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Important changes below if your child plays an instrument with Rotherham Music or if your child would like to start playing an instrument next year.

Music lessons expression of interest form – 2023-2024

Music lesson charges September 23

Music centre information 23-24

Rotherham Music

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are writing to you from Rotherham Music to update you on pricing and information about music lessons at your child’s school, for the next academic year.

For existing players:
• Please familiarise yourself with the new pricing structure for September as changes have been made. If you are unsure about the type of lesson your child is receiving or would like to specify a lesson type, please email or call 01709 808232. You can also message your child’s teacher through the Eepos app.
• For those having paid £55 for 2 terms or more, you will automatically be moved onto the paired option at £86 a term, unless requesting an individual lesson. This is because it is now an introductory offer only.
• Unless we are informed by email to before the end of term to say that your child no longer wishes to continue, we will assume that lessons will be continuing in September and you will be charged.
• If you have not yet registered on Eepos, or have registered but not yet logged onto the app, it is imperative that you do so. Through Eepos you can see your child’s attendance to music lessons, message the teachers directly and the app will send you invoices to your email to let you know when it’s time to pay for lessons.
• To register on Eepos, follow this link on a web browser (not the app) . We will then approve your registration request, and only then will you receive login credentials to be able to login on the Eepos app. If you have registered but not logged in yet and need a password reset, please get in touch and we can do this for you.
• Please see our schedule of music centre activities which take place after school at Rawmarsh CLC. Playing in an ensemble supports the learning taking place in school and at home and is the most fun part of playing an instrument.

For new players wishing to start an instrument:
• Please fill in the expression of interest form attached and return to Note that not all of the instruments are guaranteed to be delivered in your school. Please fill in with 1st and 2nd choice and the lesson type you would prefer as well as your details. This is not an official registration for lessons. Once we have received your form, we will then check instrument and teacher availability and will email you with registration information to sign up to Eepos. Only then will you be registered for lessons.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do get in touch.

Kathryn Hathaway
Service to Schools Manager
Rotherham Music
Culture, Sports and Tourism
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 01709 808232
Visit our website:

Newsletter- May 2023

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find attached a copy of our latest newsletter, which contains important updates and information for the upcoming summer period.

For those who prefer a paper copy, ask Mrs. Shemwell at the school office, and she will be happy to assist you. Additionally, you can access the newsletter on our school website under the “Parent Letters” section, where it will be available for viewing and download.

I’m sure you share our excitement as we approach the final day before the holidays. Wishing you all a peaceful Spring Bank Holiday.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Gurner

PE Kit Vote

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Earlier this year, we introduced a new PE kit protocol, where children came to school wearing their PE kit. While this change received mixed feedback from parents, we value your opinions and want to find a solution that works best for everyone.

To address the issue regarding PE kits, we would like to invite parents to participate in a voting process. Your input will help us determine the preferred approach moving forward. We have outlined two options for you to consider:

Option 1:

Children bring their PE kit in a named bag and leave it at school. It is the responsibility of both the child and parent to ensure the kit is regularly taken home for washing. Teachers will empty the cloakrooms every half term to facilitate this process.

Option 2:

Children come to school wearing their PE kits.

To gather your votes, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Jepson will be sending out a voting poll within the next two weeks. Your vote truly counts and will play a significant role in shaping our PE kit protocol.

Thank you for your continued support and active involvement in shaping our school policies.

Look out for the poll on Class Dojo!

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Today in collective worship, we will be gathering to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. All of our teachers are prepared to answer children’s questions, in an age appropriate way.

In collective worship, there will be a twin emphasis both on sadness at the death of the Queen and also thankfulness for her long life and reign. Marking 70 years of reign this year she became the longest serving monarch. We will mention that the Queen had a really important job earlier this week, as it is the monarch who asks a party leader to be their Prime Minister, and the Queen made a point of doing this final duty.

Any such event will possibly engender conversations in the classroom. Here are some pointers that have been shared with staff but I thought maybe useful for parents too.

Children will want to talk – and they can be asked both to share what they know about the Queen and also any talk about the day of her death and how they heard the news. We will bear in mind there may have been sadness in homes at this time they will want to relate.

We use the terms ‘death’ and ‘died’ and avoid euphemisms.

We are mindful of those particularly affected, allow children to say what they want and need to say and listen carefully.

Staff should feel totally free from any pressure to offer any answers to questions around ‘death’ and ‘dying’, it is ok to not have the answers.

We will make it clear that being sad is natural, as is not knowing what to feel or say.

Here is a prayer that will be offered for children:

God of love,

We thank you for the life of The Queen,

for her service to our nation,

and for her faith in you.

Be close to all of us who mourn,

that we may we find comfort and hope in your love,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


An online Book of Condolence has been started – we will be explaining that this is a way in which the Church has arranged for everyone to write a note of sadness or thoughts for King Charles.

At school, we have lots of books that explore death in an age appropriate way. If you wish to borrow one of these books, then please let me know.

Mrs Gurner

Y3- Parts of a flower

By Science, Year 3

Year 3 have been learning the scientific names for the female and male parts of a flower. Our key vocabulary for this lesson included: stamen, anther, filament, carpel, stigma, style, ovary, sepal and petals. Some tricky stuff! To do this, we dissected a range of different types of flowers to see if we could identify the stamen(male reproductive part) and the carpel (female reproductive part.) This then led on to learning about the pollination process for plants and how each part of the flower has an important role in this process.

Y3 Science- Human skeleton

By Science, Year 3

In science, Year 3 have been learning all about our skeletons and why we have them. We know that the skeleton has 3 main jobs:

  • Support- the skeleton keeps our body upright and supports our weight
  • Protect- the skeleton protects our internal organs
  • Movement- the bones form joints and act as levers, allowing muscles to pull on them to produce movement.

We have also been learning the scientific names for some of the most important bones in the skeleton including: skulll; spine; rib cage; humerus; pelvis; femur; patella; tibia and fibula. To check our knowledge we labelled the skeleton of one of our students outside before transferring this information to our own informative posters!