Congratulations on your black belt, Daniel!















Cole and Grace are really developing their musical skills.








Oliver is working really hard at Rugby and has won Best Tackle of the Match.


Katie showed us her Brownie badges and played the piano for us.  We were all very impressed.  Well done Katie! 🙂 







Charlotte has really been working hard with her swimming.








Ava was Cheerleader of the Week.








Daniel has been really improving his Taekwondo skills. 

Congratulations on your trophy for Student of the Week.








Isabelle has been competing at gymnastic competitions.









Katie has gained her Stage 6 swimming certificate.








Well done to Grace, Ruma and Charlotte who raised £70.86 for sloths in a sanctuary in Costa Rica.

Sloth Saviourssloth






Ava was proud to show us all her Brownie badges.


















Megan is working really hard on her swimming times.









What a great team effort!  Well done Ruma, Abigail, Annalise, Poppy and Charlotte.







Wow! Annaliese won the Cross Country Competition. 😀 







Cole has won a lot of medals for dancing. He won his latest medal for line dancing.










On Sunday 16th October, Harrison and William played for Wickersley Youth in a football competition and won these medals.








Well done to all the Year 4 children who competed in the cross country competition.