Sunday 21st May

We all had a great time in Castleton and learnt alot about the area.  Why not have a look at the photos on our Castleton page.








Tuesday 16th May

Well, the weather seems to be on the change and rain is forecast for this week.  Let’s hope that it is only showers!  We will still have a great time in Castleton whatever the weather but make sure you have your waterproofs ready!

Castleton kit list

Monday 1st May

Well done to everyone who answered our challenge and tried to persuade us to read their book.  

Last week, we completed our topic on solids, liquids and gases by melting chocolate and making chocolate crispy buns.  We all really enjoyed it!





Sunday 16th April

Happy Easter.  I hope you are having a lovely holiday.

Have you been busy reading?  If you have, can you read a book of your own and persuade us to try it?

                   You could:    design a poster

                                       write a book review

                                       write a poem  

or anything you can create to inspire us to read your book.  Make sure you bring in your ideas and your book on Monday 24th May.  I can’t wait to hear them.

Sunday 26th March

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you liked your child’s card.  They certainly enjoyed making them.

Last week we were very busy developing our hockey skills and a group went to Wickersley to play in a competition. 






We also completed our model car competition.  Ask your child about their certificate.

Y4 helped raise money for red nose day.





Saturday 18th March

Thank you to the people who came to our meeting about our visit to Castleton.  If you couldn’t make it or if you think of any questions please come in to see me.

Last week we finished making our model cars and had our races.  Everyone did a great job.












Parents’ evening times have been handed out so please check if you have your time.


Sunday 5th March

We learned a lot on Tuesday and we all managed to produce an animation based on Snow White.















In one animation Snow White decided to marry one of the dwarfs instead of the Prince.






We also began designing and making our vehicles.  Some people even started cutting their axels.
















We had lots of different book characters in our room on World Book Day. Wow, don’t we look amazing!






Here is our Quick Recall Facts Sheet.  Y4 Spring QRF


Saturday 25th February

We are looking forward to the staff at the CLC visiting on Tuesday.  We hope to create our own animations based on the story of Snow White.  Have you thought about how you will twist the story?

Thank you to the people who helped us raise money for technolgy resources.  We worked together to choose what we wanted to buy and hope to begin designing and making our vehicles next week.


Sunday 12th February

We celebrated all the children in assembly on Friday and they all received a certificate for their contribution to the pantomime.







Our spelling words this week end in ous.  Homework 

A Code For Living

Saturday 4th February

Wow!  Didn’t the children perform an amazing pantomime! 

Oh yes they did! 

If you were lucky enough to see it live, why not write us a letter to tell us about the parts you liked best.  If you took some photos, please send us a copy. 

Thank you to all the grown ups who helped us with costumes and props.  You did a brilliant job.  A special thank you goes to the lady who filmed the panto on our iPad. You did a great job. 🙂 

Have a look at the Snow White page to see more photos.







Tuesday 31st January

2017 Fairy Fortune

Saturday 28th January

Tickets for the pantomime have now been distributed, so please ask your child if they have still got them in their bag!  There is still time to request further tickets before the performance on Friday.  All the children are really looking forward to it.  Oh yes they are!  We hope you are too.

Our spellings this week are homophones, words which sound the same but have different spellings.  It is really important that you talk to your child about what the words mean as they need to understand when to use the words.  Here are some examples.


Can you create a poster to advertise our pantomime? Homework

Sunday 22nd January

Have you written your version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  How many words have you used?


Why not try some of these maths games to help with your times tables.

Saturday 21st January

Thank you to all the grownups who have helped the children put their costumes and props together.  They all look great.  We are now putting our programme together using the photos we took on Friday.  Be careful if you go into the forest!






Have you ordered your tickets and programme yet? How to get tickets







Thursday 5th January

Happy New Year!

We have now had a read through of our script (which the children wrote sections of).  Everyone has a part and knows what their character will be saying and the costume that they would like their character to wear.  There is no need to buy anything new, often costumes can be borrowed from family and friends. Please come to see me by Friday 13th January if you have any questions about this.

The date for the pantomime is Friday 3rd February at 2pm.  This will be a ticket only event but each family will be able to buy as many tickets as they would like (depending on fire regulations!)  More details on how to get tickets will be sent on Monday 16th January.  All the children are very excited and have worked very hard when reading the script this week.

Today we all worked on our rugby skills.  Here are a few photos.



















Thursday 29th December

Why not have a look at the Snow White page to see the draft script for your character.

Wednesday 28th December

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas holidays.  Thank you for your cards, presents and seasonal wishes.


Tuesday 13th December

Well done to all the children who came to our Carol Service tonight.  Your singing and percussion were wonderful.

We really enjoyed our special visitor today.








Saturday 10th December 2016

We have been working on our observational skills and using pastels to create images of winter folliage. 



















Tuesday 6th December

We all enjoyed the pantomime.  Oh yes we did!  We are now going to write our own version of Snow White.  Have you any ideas for the plot and jokes?





Sunday 27th November 2016

We are all looking forward to our visit to the Rotherham Civic Theatre on Tuesday 6th December.  Have you been online and signed the permission slip?

Our spelling for last week was the prefix auto.  We have been working on words like automobile and autobiography.

In science, we have been thinking about whether things use mains or battery electricity.



Thursday 17th November

We have started learning about electricity.  We have discussed the dangers of electricity and the benefits of electricity.  Everyone enjoyed making our own circuits and we are looking forward to making some more.

Circuits 3Circuits 2Circuits 1Circuits 4Circuits 5









Saturday 5th November

Stay safe today if you are watching any fireworks or going to a bonfire party.






In our spelling work, we are busy working on adding the prefix mis to words.


Sunday 23rd October

I hope you are having a lovely holiday.  As requested, here is this week’s homework.


Spelling List 1
Spelling List 2

Here are some more games.

Jenson’s Chase

Bryn’s Football

Tuesday 18th October

We have some very talented children in our class.  Why not bring in your medals and trophies so we can share your success on our blog.

img_2708img_2715img_2718Sunday 16th October

We have been working on adding in columns.  Can your child show you how to add in this way?

We have also been thinking about the people who are our guiding lights in life.


Guiding Light Homework 


We have all been working on our coding skills.  Why not have a go on one of our apps. 

Hannah’s Pop Balloon

Bryn’s Spider Chase

Ryan’s Car Game


Saturday 8th October

We are about to begin working on the use of apostrophes for posession.  We need to make sure that they are only used when necessary.  Please work on making singular nouns into plural nouns so that your children see that apostrophes are not used when making plurals.  Spelling Plurals

Can you draw a timeline so show significant events in your life?


Tuesday 4th October 2016

Here are a few more.

Ryan’s Racing Car

Henry’s Egg

Monday 3rd October 2016

We have started developing our computer skills by using coding to create simple apps.  Why not try some of our games?

Lucy’s Eat the Egg Game

Oliver and Daniel’s Follow the Path to Eat the Eggs

Sunday 2nd October 2016

On Friday, we made a stir fry using the Roman ingredients.  We all agreed that it was very tasty.  The children made comments such as,

“The texture was nicer with the lettuce because it gave a bit of crunch.”

“The onions stood out as a different flavour as they were sweet.”

“The onions were soft in my mouth.”

” I liked it because it is healthy because it is made from vegetables.”

Chopping 2Trying the stir fry






We also made a fruit salad.

ChoppingWashing the fruit






Fruit salad








Saturday 1st October 2016

Well done to the children who rose to the homework challenge last week and created some special Roman Resources.

Roman Homework









Thursday 29th September 2016

We all had a great time when the Romans invaded Year 4.  Here are a few photos of our day.







Wednesday 28th September 2016

Thank you to eveyone who sent in Roman food for our special day tomorrow.









Saturday 24th September 2016

We are all looking forward to a Roman Invasion on Thursday.  Make sure you remember a packed lunch.  If you are able to contribute some Roman food, please bring it on Wednesday.  Roman Food

Sunday 18th September 2016

We have been working on making our own classification keys.

Keys 1Keys








This week we have brought home individual spellings.  Here is our homework. Homework

Tuesday 13th September 2016

We all enjoyed swimming yesterday.  Well done to everyone. 

Sunday 11th September 2016

We have writen our Golden Rules and designed our own super heroes. 

On Monday we go swimming for our first session at Maltby Swimming Baths.  Have you packed your bag?

Swimming Letter

We have all got an Active Learn username and password.  Are you able to log in and play your game? Active Learn


Wednesday 7th September 2016

Welcome back!  We have had some excellent homework about holidays and Brazil to share with the class.

Today, we thought about the Paralympics which begin in Brazil tonight.  We had a go at a few of the events.  We think that the paralympic athletes are superhuman and have decided to have, “Yes I can” as our class motto.







Monday 5th September 2016

I hope you have all had lovely holidays.  I can’t wait to hear about them on Wednesday.  Have you watched any of the Olympics?  Do you know how many medals Great Britain won?




Thank you for all the gifts and wishes.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Thursday 7th July 2016

Yesterday, we all travelled to Birmingham to share our composition with children from the North East and Manchester.  We all listened carefully and played our parts enthusiastically.  Well done Year 4. 

We hope to share the music with you as soon as possible.  Here are some photos to give you a flavour of our day.













































Wednesday 29th June

Well done to all year 4 who went to Firth Hall on Monday.  We had a wonderful time and played with some amazing musicians.

We are all looking forward to going to Birmingham on Wednesday 6th July to perform at the Town Hall.  Have you sent in your reply slip?

Ready for our turnOut turn to play 1











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