Homework    14.9.18

Reading : Read your book and answer the questions in your purple book.

Active Learn

Spellings in blue log books

misspell       misprint       misunderstanding

mislead        mismatch     misplace

Draw a picture of an object that is special to you. Around this, write words to show what the object means to you and why it is special.


You could be really creative and produce a poster with paint, collage or pastel.

Bring in something for our Roman day on Wednesday 19th September.

Your child has chosen an item to bring in for our Roman day.  If you have any other fruit or vegetables from the list below that you would like to share, please send them in as well so we have lots to look at and taste.

Thank you

Mrs. Staniforth

garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, cabbages, lettuce, peas, celery, turnips, radishes, asparagus, apples (as opposed to crab apples), grapes, mulberries , cherries, oranges, lemons, pears, olives, dates, plums, refined breads including white and artisan breads with herbs and olives, flat-breads

Homework     7.9.18

Reading : Read your book and answer the questions in your purple book.

Log onto Active Learn and complete the activity.

Year 4 Week 1 Homework

Remember, completed homework books and reading must be handed in by  Thursday.

Well done to all the people who shared their holiday homework on Thursday.  It was great to hear about all the things you had been doing.

We have already got some amazing Roman homework.

Congratulations Emily and Erin who have been on Reflex maths so many times.  You have already increased your fluency.

Thank you to those who have sent us a postcard.  They are already on display.

Homework for Thursday 6th September 2018   


Read as much as you can over the holidays.

Choose a piece you have read to share with us on Thursday 6th September.

It could be a novel, a non-fiction book, a poem or a newspaper article.

If possible, bring it into school so that others can read it.


Create a poster/book in a box/model/book review… to share with the class.


There is an expectation that Year 4 children will learn all their tables by the end of the year.  To help with that task, school has bought an online resource called Reflex math.  This can be played online or downloaded as an app.

Please log into Reflex math as often as you can over the holidays and try to get a green light every day.  Read the login details for more information.


Our topic in September is ‘The Romans’.

Research information about the Romans and bring your research into school.


If you leave Wickersley during the holidays, take a photo to share or send us a postcard. (Everyone loves getting a postcard!) J

Enjoy your holiday!