maxresdefault Welcome to Year 5


Mrs L Hales

Class Teacher







P.E daysWednesday and Thursday

Spellings Given: Wednesday

Spellings Tested: Monday

Reading Books changed: Thursday

Homework Club: Tuesday Lunch

Question of the Week: How many different types of bread are there?

Place of the Week: Madagascar

School Visits:

18.05.17 – Local Walk to the Gorse

08.06.17 – Greek Theatre Company (in the school hall)

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – 10.02.17

Thank you to everyone who came and supported Year 5 at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Together, with the Tea Party and Raffle, we raised a whopping £538.27.


Year 5 had a fantastic time at The Oakes, here are just a few pictures from our residential




Autumn 1: Stargazers!

Autumn 2: Anglo Saxons

Spring 1: Wonderland

Spring 2: Hero or Villain?

Summer 1: Walk on the wild side

Summer 2: Groovy Greeks


Please click on the letter below to download



Packing List for the Oakes



24.3.17 – Congratulations to Freddie and Jamie for being absolutely super and making it into this weeks celebrations assembly. Keep up the good work you two!


The National Space Centre

Year 5 had an amazing time at the National Space Centre and learnt lots of interesting facts about space.

Did you know…

  • That even though Saturn is one of the largest planets in our solar system, if put into water is would float?
  • That NASA is planning to build on Mars, so that people could go and live there?
  • And that an astronaut’s spacesuit has eleven different layers to protect them during their space missions?

… We learnt some pretty cool facts whilst we were there.


We had a visit from an alienologist when Mrs Hales found an unusual egg in her privet hedge. But first we had to write a letter to the Ministry of Alienology to explain what had happened. This is when they sent Professor Payne out to explain what it was and to protect us.