Welcome to year 6. My name is Mr Frelich and I am the class teacher. As many of you know, Y6 is a very important year in primary schools as the children sit their SATs and prepare for their transition to secondary school. However, Y6 is much more than that. We have a rich and diverse curriculum that keeps the children engaged and motivated throughout the year.


For this topic we will be looking at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon strubannerexplorersggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the confessor. We will be focusing on chronological (time lines, AD, BC etc. and using words like century, decade and period). We will also be learning about Captain James Cook and Henry Freeman which ties into our Whitby visit. 

BBCHistoryofWorldWarII-85493For this topic we will be looking at a significant turning point in British history (The Battle of Britain). We shall also be studying maps and atlases at the countries involved on all sides. We shall me making propaganda leaflets and writing about what life was like during World War II.


埃及-小logoFor this topic we will be looking at the achievements of one of the earliest civilisations.  We will be looking at Egyptian mythology as well as the importance of the Nile in the development of Ancient Egypt (climate zones, biomes, vegetation belts etc.)

Robots is a science themed topic based around 4818b4a6aafa2589df088f328980479delectricity and circuits. The children will learn about voltages and how this can affect the strength of bulbs and buzzers  as well as symbols of circuitry. We will be looking at the history of electricity and the development of robotics. 



For the summer term we will be studying the country of Japan. We will study the amazing Kensuke’s Kingdom novel in literacy, mountain formations in geography and the Japanese language in MFL.  We will also be looking at Japanese traditions, etiquette and cuisine.