Collective Worship at St Alban's Primary School

What worship would you expect to see at St Alban's Primary School?

  • Children regularly lead worship
  • Reflective prayer areas in every classroom and central school areas
  • Spiritual help desks throughout school
  • All classes engage with the Bible weekly using a supporting resource called Gospels in Schools
  • Our School Prayer Books are displayed in every classroom
  • Daily prayers, including, lunch time and end of day prayers
  • All children in key stage 2 have their own Bible which they are encouraged to bring to collective worship
  • A comprehensive long term plan for collective worship. Our children get to know their Bible well! See below:
  • Throughout school we display scripture from the Bible

Key Stage 2 Bibles

Children are presented with a Bible when they move in to the juniors (year 3). This Bible will stay with the children as they move classes and they will take it home when they leave St Alban’s.

How will we use the Bibles?
Children will use their Bibles in collective worship, religious education and engage with it weekly in class. In addition to this, the head teacher works with each class to explore some fantastic Bible stories that are not covered in our curriculum.


Here is a photo from our last Bible presentation. Huw Thomas, from the Diocese of Sheffield, presented Bibles to our key stage 2 children.