Collective Worship at

St Albans C of E Primary School 

 Click on the link to open a copy of our Collective Worship Policy.
House Jordan have been very busy interviewing children in our school to find out which Worship songs they like the most. All votes have been counted and here are the results:  Did your favourite Worship Song make the vote?


1st Every Move I Make
2nd Be Bold, Be Strong
3rd Father Abraham
4th I the Lord of Sea and Sky
5th Shine, Jesus Shine
6th Jubilate
7th Our God is a Great Big God
8th Give me Joy in my Heart
9th The Tongue
10th Hosanna

The Worship Team meet at Friday break to prepare songs and prayers for Collective Worship.

The Head Girl and Boy from Jordan chair the meeting with Mrs Gurner our Collective Worship Leader. During this time the team learn how to lead different types of prayer and openly review Collective Worship.

Collective Worship is incredibly important to our school. It is about giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response, in word and action, to God’s invitation to enter into a relationship with Him, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

Prayers the Worship Team have led this term


We discussed,’Tell me’ by Andra’s Simon. What does the artist think about prayer? Why has he used one line? What does prayer mean to you?


Thank you, Sorry, Please (tsp) Prayers

At the front of the hall we have a display, dedicated to Apostle’s Creed and Prayer. Next to that display are 3 silver buckets where the children add their thank you, sorry or please prayers. Sometimes the children like to write their names on their prayers and sometimes they like to keep their identify confidential. 

The worship team pick 3 prayers and read them out during Collective Worship. The whole school then prays for those people. Following this the children have quiet reflection time to think about the things that they are thankful for, sorry for and also may need help with.  

 Breathing Prayer 


Breath in love…. Breath out hate….

Breath in joy…. Breath out worries….

Breath in kindness…. Breath out stupid actions….

Breath in goodness…. Breath out anger….

 Caim (circling) Prayers 

Caim Prayers are encircling prayers- the circle symbolises the encircling love and presence of God surrounding you- protecting you- caring for you.

During collective worship, the worship team stand in a circle around the edge of the hall, forming a cross. The whole school stands up and faces the front of the hall and reads out the first part of the prayer, the bells then ring and the school turns and faces a different part of the hall. Eventually, all of the children make a full circle and recite the prayer. 

This is one of the modern Caim prayers that we use, written in the Celtic style by David Adam, a former vicar of St Mary’s Church on Holy Island.

Circle me Lord

Keep protection near and danger afar

Circle me Lord

Keep light near and darkness afar

Circle me Lord

Keep peace within,  keep evil out

Circle me Lord

Keep hope within, keep doubt without. 


 Stop and Listen 

Sometimes we like to sit in silence and meditate. To help us concentrate we like to watch a candle burn, watch bubbles float to the ground or simply sit and enjoy the silence. After this time we are invited to share our thoughts and feelings. 

 Our School Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,

Be with us now

As in our school in prayer we bow.

And when we sing, 

And when we pray,

Help us to mean the words we say.

Help us to listen to your words

And keep our thoughts from 

wandering, Lord.