Art at St Alban's

We aim to give our children a wide variety of stimuli and choice of media to inspire them to design, create and evaluate their art work.

Within each year group different media is covered, so that over each key stage our children will have had the opportunity to experience lots of creative opportunities. Eg Drawing, painting, collage, clay, 3D, textiles and printing. Our key skills also ensure that there is progression through the year groups.

We also aim to encourage the children to look at other artist’s work and gather their own ideas from different sources. We want the children to show individuality and their own personality in their work and that they feel able to adapt and change their work as it progresses.

Much of our artwork is cross curricular, giving the children a real reason for their work and a wider audience: Eg through our exhibits in the Rotherham Xmas market or the Picture This exhibition. Our high expectations and the value we place on our children’s achievements are evident in the lovely displays of children’s work throughout school too.


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