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How do we teach History

We follow the National Curriculum to structure our curriculum offer, as we know that this means our curriculum is ambitious for all pupils. You can find a link to the National Curriculum here:

We teach each history discretely at St Alban’s, children are seen and behave as historians.

In history, we have thought carefully about how we sequence learning over time and have broken down learning into small steps or building blocks, starting from when children enter primary school until they leave. At each step, we consider what specific knowledge and understanding we want our pupils to know and remember at each stage of their learning and in each subject. The end of the Foundation Stage, KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 are key end points for each of these building blocks of our curriculum. We know what we want our pupils to know and remember at each of these end points, focusing on what will be most useful to them, and have sequenced lessons over time to reach those end points.

In our history page, we have included for you samples of our curriculum documents for history, so that you can understand what our curriculum intent looks like in history.

What do children think about history at St Alban’s?

  • History is fascinating and exciting.
  • I enjoy history because you get to see what it was like before now.
  • We have found out fascinating facts about the Ancient Egyptians and I learned about Ancient Egyptian  writing which is hieroglyphics. I even learned to read some of them.
  • I liked learning about how the Ancient Egyptians connected to their Gods.

School's History Coordinator

History Lead

Mr Dawson

Hello. My name is Mr Dawson and I am the History lead at St Alban's.

Hello. My name is Mr Dawson and I am the History lead at St Alban's.