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Mathematics at St Alban's Primary School

Mathematics is a core subject in the National Curriculum.  At St Alban’s, we strive to provide a high-quality mathematics education in which all children are encouraged to enjoy maths, achieve high standards and apply their skills with confidence.

We believe that our ambitious maths curriculum needs to ensure that all children know and remember more. Our curriculum is based on mastery principles where pupils acquire a deep, long term, secure and flexible understanding of maths. Our long term plan is based on a blocked curriculum to ensure children develop a strong understanding of the maths that has been taught so that they are able to move on to more advanced material. Underpinning this is planned spaced retrieval which consists of ‘Can I still?’ activities and deliberate practice. Using our Long Term Plan will ensure this is not left to chance. Sessions will include generative activities such as brain downloads, multi-choice questions, quizzes, summarising, mapping, drawing, imagining, explaining thinking, teaching others and enacting. 

The spine documents from the NCETM (link below) are supplemented from a range of sources with practical activities, games and use of ICT.

We encourage the use of the concrete, pictorial and visual approach and develop a knowledge of mathematical concepts as well as emphasise mental calculation and the use of correct mathematical vocabulary including Stem Sentences.

We believe that applying mathematical knowledge is vital and teach the Problem Solving Skills of Act it out, Draw, Trial by Improvement, List or table, Pattern, Simplify, Work Backwards and Algebra.

As well as a daily mathematics lesson, children are encouraged to develop their mathematical reasoning in all activities in order to encourage connections within and between subjects. 

We understand the importance of both guided and independent practice and each class has a deliberate practice session every day to develop fluency.

To see the content of the mathematics curriculum we follow in each Year Group, please visit;


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Mrs Staniforth

Hello. My name is Mrs Staniforth and I am the Maths lead at St Alban's and for DSAT schools.

Hello. My name is Mr Frelich and I am the Maths lead at St Alban's.