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PE at St Albans C of E Primary School plays an important part in the curriculum and all pupils have the opportunity to undertake two hours of PE each week. We use our PE lessons to cover the six main areas of the National Curriculum (dance, gymnastics, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities). Swimming is also provided for our children as part of the KS2 curriculum.


Alongside their curriculum entitlement, children are also given opportunity to participate in after school sports clubs offered at different times throughout the year and are given chance to take part in local and county sports festivals and competitions. As a school we have enjoyed much success when competing at county, regional and national level and our children are proud to represent their school and compete against others 

We want our PE curriculum to provide children with time to develop skills and knowledge but also to encourage fun, confidence, cooperation and resilience and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Our PE curriculum leader and Sports Leader are very passionate about children taking part in the PE curriculum and extra-curricular activities and promote the values of Physical Education. 

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Mrs Cooper

Hello. My name is Mrs Cooper and I am the Physical Education lead at St Alban's.

Hello. My name is Mrs Cooper and I am the Physical Education lead at St Alban's.