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St Alban’s Primary School is committed to providing high quality educational experiences for all pupils. At the heart of everything that we do lies our vision for education.

“We are Aspirational, We are Resilient, We seek Wisdom, and We are Courageous.”

At St Alban’s, our personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) curriculum brings together healthy relationships, social responsibility and personal well-being, while promoting fundamental British values.

Although PSHE is taught through discreet lessons, it is also integrated into all activities, assemblies, educational visits and extra-curricular clubs. There are frequent opportunities provided in school which encompass PSHE education, including (but not limited to) sports tournaments, celebration assemblies, Year 6 attending Crucial Crew, our sport leaders, house ambassadors and our reading tutors.

It is intended that we will offer an aspirational, cohesive whole-school approach which inspires our children to achieve their full potential, whilst empowering them to be healthy, independent and responsible members of society.

We follow the PSHE Associations scheme of work to inform our curriculum planning. Our curriculum covers key topics, physical health, mental health, growing and changing, personal safety, relationships and sex education, bullying and discrimination, media and digital literacy, money and work and community and responsibility.

Our PSHE lead regularly addresses the needs of our children and provides teachers with the resources that they need to help all children flourish.

PSHE Topics

Physical health 

Children learn about physical health that includes food choices, physical activity, balanced lifestyles, drugs and alcohol education, first aid, sleep and dental health.

Whole School Initiatives Include

Dental Health Day, Growing food in our school garden for D&T and science projects, D&T food projects include looking at The Eatwell Guide, Healthy lunchbox competition (led by house leaders), Walk to school week and the daily mile.

Mental health 

We support our children to stay healthy and safe while equipping them to help others.

-Each week our children are encouraged to chart their emotions on a chart and discuss why they feel this way. This is too instil that all emotions are ok, and that talking about how we feel is a good habit.

-House Jordan lead regular assemblies, showing children how to keep their minds healthy.

Growing and Changing 

Our curriculum helps  children understand and manage the physical and emotional changes that may happen during puberty.

Personal safety 

Our PSHE education helps children and young people to stay safe – online and offline.

This is taught through PSHE and our computing education.

Mr Frelich sends out regular updates to parents on how they can stay ahead and keep their children safe online.

Relationships and sex education Bullying and discrimination

We address bullying and discrimination through PSHE education and as part of a whole school approach.

Our whole school approach includes:

Anti-bullying policy – see below

Anti-bullying week

Our school vision for education, our anti bullying approach is entwined in every part of our curriculum.

Media and digital literacy

Support children and young people to assess if information is trustworthy and to recognise misleading narratives.

Media and digital literacy is regularly addressed in collective worship, our English Curriculum and  computing.

Money and work

PSHE education fosters economic wellbeing and supports positive career choices.


Community and responsibility

We teach about the importance of community and people’s responsibilities.

Our school rules are, be respectful, be responsible and be ready to learn. These rules are in place so that our community can flourish.

Extra responsibilities include: House leaders and ambassadors, Librarians, Playground leaders, Sports leaders and Dining room helpers

School's PHSE Coordinator


Mrs Taha

Hello. My name is Mrs Taha and I am the PSHE lead at St Alban's.

Hello. My name is Mr Frelich and I am the Computing lead at St Alban's.