This is what we expect our children to know by the end of Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2.

Once a child has progress beyond RWInc. They are regularly assessed using the PM Benchmark Kit to see whether they need to move up a book band. Children begin this journey on turquoise book band. This process involves assessing a child’s decoding, summary and comprehension substantive knowledge. Using this kit ensures we have an accurate and consistent method of assessment.

We use the National Test-Style Assessment from Hodder Education as an accurate and informative summative assessment. These tests give us standardised scores we can compare against national standards. It also produces detailed intervention units for children who have struggled on the test to ensure they catch up to their peers.

For children who need further support with their reading, we use the York Assessment for Comprehension (YARC) as an entry and exit assessment. The class teachers then administer a tailored six-week intervention programme for those children that centers around fluency and oral reading.