The Minister of state recently stated in the Reading Framework, “Pupils who struggle to read struggle in all subjects and the wonders of a knowledge-rich curriculum passes them by unread.” This is a view we deeply share at St Alban’s where we are very proud of our wider curriculum and where Reading fits within it.

To ensure children receive high-quality, age appropriate texts in every area of the curriculum, not just Reading, we researched and chose a fiction and non-fiction text for each subject within each year. These books are used for a variety of reasons:

  • Whole class reading
  • Direct teaching of comprehension skills
  • Pupil research
  • Vocabulary introduction

Protected Characteristics

We value diversity and equality at St Alban’s and care deeply about the nine protected characteristics. So much so that we have embedded them into every layer of our curriculum. They are represented in Reading by each class having several age appropriate books within their library which are read to the class on a regular basis.

When I read, it feels like I’m taking a break from the real world. Sometimes it’s nice to hear someone else’s world and get away from the stress – Sapphire Y5