At St. Alban's we strongly believe that science should help spark imagination, fuel curiosity and nurture inspired and confident young scientists. We know that children construct understanding of the world through experience. In order to make learning real children need to explore, ask questions, and assess their understanding. Our curriculum is based on a robust teaching and learning cycle that puts children and hands-on active learning at its heart and ensures progress for all.


We follow the New Primary Science Program of Study. To find out more about the new Science National Curriculum click on this link


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Science Photo Gallery


Children using water wheels, funnels, containers and sieves  We designed space rockets, made them and then flew them outside. We measured distance and length of time in the air. Finally they evaluated their rockets and discussed what made the rockets fly further.  Making gingerbread men and examining how ingredients change.                                   


Learning about different environments and animals, through small world play. display1 display 6

display 3  Sorting minibeasts  Investigating minibeasts