Design Technology in Year 5 – Frame Structures – Making Bird Hides

Today, Year 5 continued our Design Technology Project – frame structures. We decided to make bird hides for Year 5 to watch wildlife.

We have already completed investigative and evaluative activities where we investigated and make annotated drawings of a range of portable and permanent frame structures. Then we completed focused practical tasks based on techniques for joining frameworks. Next, we designed and made a small scale frame structure.

He are a few of our small scale frames.

We thought about:

How we could make them stable?

How we could make them stronger?

Where were the weak points?

How we could reinforce them?

How we could improve the design?

We thought about the purpose of our project and the intended users.

Today we made our frame structures.

Now we need to critically evaluate our bird hides against our design specification, intended user and purpose.