Developing Disciplinary Knowledge in Geography – Year 5

On Monday, Year 5 visited Wickersley Wood.  We used compasses to find directions to move around the cleared area.


We can now use the eight points of a compass (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW) to find the points in between. (NNE etc) We have also developed rhymes to help us remember the four points. I know that my rhyme begins with Never, Ever,… although I sometimes use Never Eat Shredded Wheat to make sure I say North, East, South, West in a clockwise direction.

In school, we have used Digimap tools to find the area of the Wood and the distance tool to find the distance of our walk.

We now recognise many of the symbols on the map below.

Using Ordnance Survey Maps

Which symbols can you recognise?  Why not use the key to help?

Legend for 1:25000 Map