The exciting opportunity to join in Young Voices is open to all pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6. Currently, this group is run by Mrs Brotherton and Mrs Jepson. Our school has taken part in this event for the past 17 years!

Young Voices choirs sing with top performing artists from pop stars to classically trained musicians. Also, as a member of the Young Voices Choir, you will learn a whole range of dance moves to go with the songs from one of the country’s leading street dance teachers.


If you decide to join Young Voices here are some things to remember:

  • You are now part of the largest children’s choir on the planet
  • img_1326You will be singing in an arena where the world’s biggest stars perform regularly
  • You will be one of the actual performers in the show so you need to learn your words and practise all the moves.
  • You will be singing to a sold-out arena: now that’s an achievement!
  • Most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment.

We have to confirm our group numbers by the end of September, so after that date those children wishing to take part will need to make certain commitments:

     -To attend weekly rehearsals that are held during lunch breaks at school. The rehearsals will run from September until the concert date on 11th January 2017.


     -To learn the songs and dance routines to be performed in the show at the Sheffield Arena. Extra practice at home will be needed to learn the songs and actions fully. 


There is no charge for pupils to participate in this event. However a special t-shirt is available for them to wear at the concert, at a cost of £10. Alternately a plain white top may be worn.

Family and friends may purchase tickets to the concert at the Sheffield Arena. These are available to order through school in September.