Exciting Science in Year 5

Today, William shared a science experiment from home.

He explained, “When the water is trying to get down because of gravity, the air stops it.  When you swizzle it, it makes the water go in a circle and it can go down into the bottom bottle.”

Can you see the tornado in the picture?

Tornado in a Bottle Experiment

Tornadoes are violent winds that create a funnel underneath a storm system. As the winds rotate, they often pick up speed, and eventually, they form what is called a funnel cloud — a column of water droplets, dust and other debris with a tapered shape extending from the base of a thunderstorm.

What Makes the Water Spin?

The water in the bottle is responding to centripetal force, a force that acts on a body moving in a circular motion. The motion is directed toward the centre, which is also referred to as the vortex.