Forgiveness Week 

A poem written by Louis, Year 6



Forgiveness is not just an abstract noun or a feeling.

It is and will always be a medicine,

Not one you physically take but medicine for the mind,

The cure for a disease which will take over your body, Anger.

One flaw or mistake should not have this power,

To control a mind,

This is the time to forgive,

Whatever has happened between you,

Can and shall be fixed.

Use forgiveness,

Not just for them,

But for both of your diseases,

It will heal your  body and mind,

And purify yourself.

In the Autumn Term, the whole school explored the Christian value forgiveness. Each key stage studied scripture, looking at what the Bible teaches us about forgiveness. Following this, the children responded to questions such as;

Who is forgiveness for?

Is there anything that you would find hard to forgive?Why?

What would you find easy to forgive?Why?

If forgiveness was a colour, what would it be and why?

What does forgiveness feel like?

Throughout the week, the children found out about what different faiths teach about forgiveness, using this to ask further questions and consider what they could learn from this knowledge.

The children responded to what they had learned and shared their responses during a whole school assembly. The picture slide below shows some of the children’s work, which ranged from poems, art, prayers and stories.