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Friday 22.05.20

Good morning chicks! I can’t believe it’s fish and chips, spellings Friday again already!!!

You know what that means!!! Practise your tricky key word spellings and read, read, read!!!

T-L-5775-Phase-2-to-5-Tricky-Words-Quick-Read-PowerPoint_ver_1 (4)

Don’t forget ‘look’ and ‘here’ too!!!

Now, I hope you haven’t forgotten but today is the party/ball in the castle!! I hope you are prepared and are going to put on your best outfits and have your banquet in the castle!! I’ve got lots to do to get me, Ben and Sam ready!!!

Your exercise today of course  will be dancing at the party/ball! Can’t wait to see you all of your photos later!! I’m excited!! 🙂

Love Mrs Taha xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Thursday 21.05.20 

So sorry I couldn’t get on yesterday to post work! I was teaching in school and as it was the first time I’ve been in since the internet provider had changed nothing would work properly while I was there!!!! Hopefully it will all be sorted for when I’m back properly in June! xx

Good morning chicks! I hope you had a lovely day in the sun yesterday keeping safe. Ben and Sam had a fab time!


They are excited to get back to playing in their castle and planning for their party tomorrow! Are you? Today we need to plan the menu for our banquet! What is a banquet? What will you have? T-T-1979-Role-Play-Banquet-menu_ver_3


Earlier in the week we were learning about doubling;  today I want you to think about halving! What does half mean? t-n-2546976-eyfs-maths-mastery-halving-home-learning-challenge-halving-toys_ver_2



Today , let’s practise qu qu for queen and quick and quack!

Love Mrs Taha xxxxxx


Tuesday 19.05.20

Good morning chicken lickens!!! I hope you are all ok?

Today, I want you to think about traditional/fairy tales. How many of these stories can you think of that has a castle or a palace in it? Have you got any of these books? Can you read them/look at them? or read/watch some online? At my house I have got Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. I have been reading these at bedtime to Ben and Sam; they love them!! They love them so much that they wanted to make their own castle!








Can you make a castle/palace for one of your bears/ favourite toys? We just found an old cardboard box but you can use anything that you have available!

Then,think about a party/ball that you will have at your castle! Make some invitations to send to your bear’s/toy’s friends to come to the castle!

Ben and Sam’s invitation says

Dear Barnaby

Prince Ben and Prince Sam invite you to their castle. Castle Bearania on Friday 22.05.20. You must wear your finest clothes and arrive at 1 o’clock sharp!

What is your castle called? Is your toy a prince, king, princess or queen? Who will you invite? What shall they wear? What time is the party/ball?t-t-198-fairy-tale-castle-invitations-_ver_1 This is just to give you an idea! I’m sure your invitations will be more exciting!


Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20/30 and then practise some more doubling!!!t-n-2545125-eyfs-maths-solving-problems-ndash-doubling-home-learning-challenges_ver_1




Use your letter mats and say all the sounds. Is there one or two that you struggle with? Grown-ups have you noticed which if any your child forgets or needs to work on? Or which letters do they not form correctly when they are writing? Please have a practise at these today!

Love Mrs Taha!! xxxx

P.s. The computer has been an absolute nightmare this morning!! Turning itself off and on a go slow!!! At school, when it plays up, The children tell me to give it a warning!!!


Monday 18.05.20

Good morning chicks!! I hope you are all ok? We have been on a walk into the woods this weekend!





Ben and Sam climbed the trees. They tried to get across the river on the stepping stones and they threw Pooh sticks into the river. They tried to climb up to the top of the huge steps but their legs got tired so Mrs Taha had to carry them up!!!

Ben and Sam have also been talking to their cousin Barnaby on the phone this weekend! It is going to get hot this week and they’ve been talking about how to stay safe in hot and sunny weather. You can watch this video about Barnaby at the beach. (You can watch all of it but especially the bit about slip, slap, slop!

Ben and Sam want you to make posters that Mrs Taha can print off and put up around schools and the local area to how to keep safe in the sun! So make them bright and colourful with all the important information on!

(Think about sun cream, hats, shade, T-shirts, sunglasses, water e.g. Drink lots so you don’t get dehydrated! (What does dehydrated mean?)

Stay in the shade!



Ben and Sam wanted an ice cream when the ice cream van came around! And the cheeky monkeys asked for duble ice creams!!!! Tell your grown-up what double means!!! I’d like you to practise some doubling this week!! 🙂 T-N-2796-Ladybird-Doubling-Numbers-Up-To-12-Powerpoint_ver_2 (1)

Stop doubling at the number your child is comfortable with! 🙂 Here are some sheets (but you can draw them if you don’t have a printer!) t-c-254575-ladybird-doubles-to-10-activity-sheett-c-254576-ladybird-doubles-to-20-activity-sheet


Today, let’s practise ‘ew ew chew the stew’ Can you write me some words and sentences using ‘ew’?

Have a fun day!!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Friday 15.05.20

Good morning chicken pies! We made it through to Friday!!! Our favourite fish and chip, spellings Friday! Yay!!

You know what that means, don’t you? Get practising all of our key tricky words, read them, spell them, put them in sentences!!! T-L-5775-Phase-2-to-5-Tricky-Words-Quick-Read-PowerPoint_ver_1 (4)

and don’t forget ‘look’ and ‘here’ too!

Then, read, read, read as much as you can!!!


Warm up first and then I want you and your grown-up to have a chat about making up sequencing. Have a go!! Here is a sheet to help! 🙂 Have fun!  TF-PE-111-Creating-a-Sequence-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet

Love Mrs Taha xxxx



Thursday 14.05.20

Good morning chicks!!!! Ben and Sam love your letters!! They said thank you very much! It’s really cheered them up!

They wanted another story with a giant in so I went and bought one of our favourites that we like to read at school -The Smartest Giant in Town! Join in with our favourite bits in the story!

After you have listened to the story I want you to think about the giant in this story and the giant in the Jack and the Beanstalk story. I want you to compare them. What does compare mean? Describe them for me. Are they the same? Are they different? Why? How do you know? You can use these sheets or your book or any paper 🙂 good giantbad giant


Today let’s practise ‘ai ai snail in the rain’ Can you write some words and sentences using ai?

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Wednesday 13.05.20

Good morning chicken pies!!! I hope you are all well!

I don’t know if you watched the video of all of us at school sending you a message? If you did,you probably spotted that I had two visitors with me!! Yes Sam and Ben!!! Well they have been busy helping me at home and getting busy but they are getting a little bit fed up and a bit lonely and they are missing you all so much!! Just like me!!! They wanted to send you a few pictures and a letter.

Dear FS2

We are staying at Mrs Taha’s house which is fun! But we are missing you lots and lots and missing doing all the fun things at school. We would love to hear what you have been up to. Please could you write us a letter today to cheer us up!

We have been helping in the garden. We have been reading our books. We have been playing in the garden on the swing seat. We watched the V.E. day celebrations on the T.V and Sam helped Mrs Taha to decorate. Ben didn’t because he doesn’t like the mess!

Miss you lots and lots

Love Ben and Sam xxxx


I have put the other photos on the class story as it wouldn’t let me do it on here!!!!

After you have written your letters to Sam and Ben let’s carry on thinking about part, part, whole. Remember warm up with counting 0 to 20 or 30 forwards and backwards. Do some subitising! How fast are you now??? I’ll never be able to beat you! 🙁

Then try out some of these…..t-n-7499-number-facts-within-10-part-whole-activity-sheets-_ver_1 (1)

You can use objects to help you!

Phonics/Handwriting Practice

Today, let’s practise ‘oy oy toy for a boy’ and ‘oi oi spoil the boy’

Have fun!!

Sam and Ben are so excited to read your letters!!!

Love Mrs Taha




It’s now decided to let me put some pictures on!!!! xx



Tuesday 12.05.20

Good morning my chicks!

First, listen or read Jack and the Beanstalk again. Now, imagine you are Jack. Your grown-up has told you to go and sell your cow but as you go out on to the road there are lots of other boys and girls trying to sell their cows too! Oh no!! What will you do? Your cow is the best but you need to make sure everyone knows it is the best cow!

You need to advertise him/her and tell people why they should buy your cow!

What does advertise mean? What is an advertisement? Can you think of any? Where do you see them? (TV, magazines, newspapers, online, billboards). What is your favourite and why?

Your job this morning is to create a poster to advertise your cow! Make people want to buy your cow!

Is it a boy or a girl?

What is he/she called?

Does she produce nice milk?

What does he/she look like?

Is he/she a well-behaved cow?

What can your cow do?

Why is your cow better than the others?

Think about the poster, the letters, the colours, the information.

I can’t wait to see which cow I want to buy later!!!!

Grown-ups, it doesn’t matter if the child writes nonsensical things! Sometimes we have blue cows that produce pink lemonade  and can sing and dance! 🙂 As long as they are thinking about their task and writing!


First, let’s count forwards and backwards 0 to 20 or 30!

Then, let’s carry on with our work on part. part, whole! 🙂

Watch our faves, the numberblocks

And then, watch this powerpoint with your grown-up! Intro-Dice-Pattern-Part-Whole-3-6 (2)

Next, have ago at completing these ….. Part-Whole-Dice-Pattern-Cards-3-6

(I don’t know what they will print out like!) so if they don’t print too good or are too small or you don’t have a printer, grown -ups -you can just copy them and draw them please 🙂


Let’s practise ‘ay ay may I play’ Can you write me some words and sentences with ‘ay’ in?

Have fun!!!!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx



Monday 11.05.20

Good morning chicken lickens and grown-ups! I do hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

This morning we’re going to read Jack and the Beanstalk!

Talk to your grown-up about the story. What is a widow? What is an ogre? What does imagine and imagination mean? Now, I want you to imagine that you have some magic beans! Your grown-up (or you) throws them out of the window and when you wake up there is a huge beanstalk outside your bedroom window. You climb high up into the sky. Now close your eyes and imagine what you can see at the top of your beanstalk! (It doesn’t have to be the same as in the story; there can be anything you like at the top of your beanstalk. Use your imagination and tell your grown-up what is there. What can you see? Who can see? Describe it for me on this sheet, draw what you can see in the top box and then write some super sentences to describe it. Beanstalk writing sheet

Remember, no worries if you don’t have a printer, use your exercise book or any paper. Draw what is at the top of your beanstalk and use lots of really good describing words so that I can imagine that I’m there too!

At the top of my beanstalk I can see soft white fluffy clouds. I can see a colourful rainbow. I can see a tall blue palace. It sparkles in the sunshine. The palace has got lots of high towers and red flags blowing in the wind. I can see a swimming pool shimmering and a giant cat is grinning at me with scary sharp teeth!

(Grown-ups remember your children will all be able to write at their own individual level and pace so simplify or make harder depending on your child).

E.g. I can see …….

It is ……….

As long as your child is trying their best and using all the tips they’ve been taught and trying to be independent!! 🙂


Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20 or 30!

Subitise!!!! How good are you at subitising now? (Way better than me!!!) Subitising

Now, we are going to work on ‘part, part, whole’ We’ve done this before chicks at school if you can remember; we did it with little white and grey skeleton/scary head (marshmallows). Here is a picture to jog your memory….

Here is a sheet if you need it, but drawing 3 circles is fine t-n-2546607-part-part-whole-a4-writing-template-english_ver_2

Grown-ups get 10 objects, (if you have anything that resembles magic beans that would be great as we can say they’re Jack’s magic beans) If not, no worries any 10 small items will do. Put all 10 objects in the circle on its own and count them – this is the whole, then let your child play around splitting the 10 objects into the 2 other circles and seeing how many ways the number 10 can be made. Your child can then record these on the sheet or nearby e.g.  3+ 7= 10  etc.

Grown-ups -this is just a bit of information/explanation for you:-

Part-Whole Diagram

The Part-Whole Diagram also known the part-whole model or part-part-whole reasoning. We will look into what it is exactly and how it can help primary learners.

What is Part-Whole reasoning?

The Part-whole reasoning or model is the concept of how numbers can be split into parts. Children using this model will see the relationship between the whole number and the component parts, this helps learners make the connections between addition and subtraction.

Part-whole reasoning also helps pupils to interpret, visualise and solve word problems.

Part-Whole Model in Primary Education

The concept of part-whole model reasoning is introduced to children as early as 3/4 years old. It is used in small quantities where children should be able to see how many of something is there without counting, instead, they will subitise.

In KS1 and KS2 students will begin to really explore numbers, they are encouraged to think of numbers in different ways. For example, they will begin to see the number seven as 4 and 3 or 5 and 2.

Materials can be used to portray this way of thinking, such as counters and other objects.

(Hope this helps!) xx


Let’s practise the trigraph  ‘igh, igh, fly high’ Can you write some words and sentences using ‘igh’ ?

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Thursday 07.05.20

Good morning chicks! It’s not Friday, so it will have to be fish and chip, spellings Thursday today!! because we’re all going to have a jolly bank holiday tomorrow! Yay! 🙂

So you know what you need to do! Go through all of our tricky words! How many can you read? How many can you spell correctly? T-L-5775-Phase-2-to-5-Tricky-Words-Quick-Read-PowerPoint_ver_1 (4)

Don’t forget ‘look’ and ‘here’ too!

Write some sentences using as many tricky words as possible! and then read, read, read and read some more!


Practise your ball skills again! Throwing and catching and then practise controlling the ball on the floor with your feet. Can you dribble? What does dribble mean? Ask your grown-up to show you if you’re not sure! Set up some obstacles and see if you can dribble around them. Make some goals and see if you can score a goal or ten!

Have lots and lots of fun in the sun today!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Wednesday 06.05.20

Good morning my gorgeous chicken pies! It’s going to be a lovely day today and we’ve got an exciting job to do today! Listen to or read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ again videozip_1 

Then, I want you to imagine that you are the gingerbread person. Would you trust the fox? What does trust mean?  Would you think he was going to be helpful or not? How would you know?

You need to escape from the fox and all of the hungry people and animals that are chasing you! You need a plan! You need a boat to cross the river! Design your boat!

What shape will it be?

Will it have a sail or something else to make it move?

How will you make sure the boat doesn’t sink?

How big does it need to be?

What materials will you use?

Do you need to test out your boat?

Do you need to change it/start over?

It needs to cross the river without sinking or the gingerbread person getting wet!

What do you think will happen if the gingerbread person gets wet?

You could sail your boat in the bath or a paddling pool or the sink or a tray.

If you have any gingerbread people left you could try him/her out in the boat or you could use a biscuit to see what happens!

How much weight can your boat take? Does it float? Does it sink? Can more than one gingerbread person/biscuit sail in the boat?

Here is a sheet if you want it or any paper or in your books is fine.

gingerbread man writing book insides blow up to A3

Tell me what worked well, what didn’t and what you would do next time to make it even better! I can’t wait to see what happens today!!! 🙂

Here are a few ideas, but I think yours will be even better! 🙂



Today, we’ll practise ‘oa oa goat in a boat’

Can you write some words and super sentences with ‘oa’ in them?

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Tuesday 05.05.20

Good morning my chicks!

First job this morning is to bake! If you managed to get the ingredients to make gingerbread people then that’s fab!! If not, you could bake anything at all that you have the ingredients for! Talk about measuring, weighing, quantities, amounts. I can’t wait to see your creations!!! xxxx

After you have baked/cooked I would now like you to think about how you did it and what you did and give me the recipe and instructions so that I can try it at home please! You can write up your recipe on here….t-t-18355-writing-instructions-recipe-_ver_4   or make up your own!


Today, let’s practise the trigraph ‘air, air that’s not fair’. Can you write me some words and sentences using’air’.

Have a fun day! I’m missing you all lots and lots!!!!!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Monday 04.05.20

Morning chicks! I hope you are all ok and had a lovely weekend! Had a few difficulties getting stuff on this morning, sorry xxx


Today we are reading/listening to ‘The Gingerbread Man’


Then, I would like you to draw and label a map of the gingerbread man’s journey (a bit like a treasure map).

E.g. the town, the hill, the swing etc. Make it colourful and interesting xxx


This week we are looking at weighing and measuring. Talk about how you can weigh things with your grown-up. What have you got in and around your home that you can weigh things with? Here are some challenges for you to do at home ….T-N-4307-KS1-Weight-Challenge-Cards


Let’s practise ‘ir, ir whirl and twirl’ Write some words and sentences uisng ‘ir’

Have fun!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx





Friday 01.05.20

Good morning chicks! It’s fish and chip spellings Friday again already!!

Practise reading and spelling as many tricky words as you can! Don’t forget to include ‘look’ and ‘here’ as well!

T-L-5775-Phase-2-to-5-Tricky-Words-Quick-Read-PowerPoint_ver_1 (4)

Practise writing some of the words in some super sentences!

Read, read ,read as much as you can!


Stretch your muscles; warm up your bodies, then I want you to practise your ball skills today.

How many times can you throw a ball into the air and catch it without dropping it on the floor?

How many times can you catch a ball that your grown-up throws to you, without it dropping on the floor?

Start off close together, then step further apart as you get better.

If you have a bat/racket practise tapping the ball into the air. How many can you do without it falling to the floor?

Have fun!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Thursday 30.04.20

Good morning chicken lickens!! I hope you are all well 🙂

First job of the day is to listen, read, watch ‘The Three Little Pigs’ again; maybe you have your own copy at home?

Next, I would like you to make some puppets of the three pigs and the big bad wolf. You might even want to make a theatre if you have some card or an old cardboard box. Here are some ideas ….

Take it in turns with your grown-up to have conversations. What’s a conversation? What might the wolf say to the pig or pigs. What might the pigs say to each other?

We’re going to write in some speech bubbles! What is a speech bubble?

Here are some sheets if you have a printer, if not you, or your grown-up  can draw the characters and the speech bubbles. What is a character?  3 little pigs speech bubblesx33 little pigs speech bubbles


Sing along to our 3D shape song!

Grown-ups – Do you love it? 😉

Play the shape game again, taking it in turns to describe the shapes hidden inside your bag or box!

Here are some shape coloring activities for you to do….Colour by 3D Shapes – 1


Today, practise ‘or or shut the door’

Can you write some words with ‘or’ in ?

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Wednesday 29.04.20

Good morning chicken pies!! I hope you are all well xxx

First job of the day is to listen or read The Three Little Pigs again t-t-5080-the-three-little-pigs-story-powerpoint-_ver_1 (1)

or you can watch it  or both!

I want you to use your imagination this morning! What is your imagination? Explain it to your grown-up.

Imagine you are one of the three little pigs. How would you plan to catch the big bad wolf?

What if the wolf is really clever and he knows you are trying to trick him. How would you get him to come?

You could build a trap. What is a trap? How would you make it?

Draw me a picture of your trap and then give me your instructions!

What are instructions?

What do they mean?

Start by drawing your trap, then give me step by step instructions! E.g. First, next, after that…

or step 1, step 2 step 3 etc….

Here is a sheet if you can print, no worries if not, any paper is fine! How to catch a wolf2

I can’t wait to see who has the best ideas xxxx

I bet you can guess what your second challenge of the day is!!?? 🙂

Make a trap for the big bad wolf!!!

You can build/make a small model one or a larger scale one inside your home or outside (if it’s not too wet!)


Yesterday we practised ‘ow ow blow the snow’ but the same digraph also makes another sound doesn’t it?

‘ow ow brown cow’ Please practise some ‘ow’ words today.


Sing along and clap to the song!

Then find 1 of each of the 3D shapes that you found the other day, a sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone and a bag or box to hide them in. Remember when we play ‘pass the bag around around’ at school and you you have to put your hand inside and describe the shape that you are holding in your hand, giving clues that are not too easy and don’t say the name of the shape and the other person has to guess what it is. Play this game with your grown-up and take it in turns to describe the shape in the box or bag. No peeking!!! ;)) ( Grown-ups – simple descriptions of the shapes are fine e.g. It has got long sides and short sides, it has got a point. Adapt the language as suited to your child’s ability – some children will be able to use the specific vocabulary to describe the shapes properties, for others it will be a simple description – all are fine!)

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Tuesday 28.04.20

Good morning my chicks!!!

Your first job of the day is to listen to me read (if you can) another traditional tale – The Three Little Pigs. If you can’t hear me, your grown up will read it or maybe you can read it yourself!

t-t-5080-the-three-little-pigs-story-powerpoint-_ver_1 (1)

Now, let’s think about the houses that the pigs made. I want you to design and a label a house that you could make for one, or all three of the pigs to live in. Here is a design sheet  three_little_pig_design_sheet new

Or just draw one in your exercise book or on any piece of paper.

Now, your next challenge is to make a house for the the three little pigs. You will need to be creative! What does creative mean? Use any resources that you have available and build a house. You might even want to make three different types of house and test to see which is the strongest! You can use whatever you like to build the houses. You might use some of the boxes, tubes and cartons you found on your shape hunt yesterday. Tell your grown-up what shapes they are. Here are some ideas to get you thinking …..




Don’t forget to sing and clap to our 3D shape song! I am!!


Practise ‘ow ow blow the snow’

Can you write some words with ‘ow’in them?

Love Mrs Taha xxxx


Monday 27.04.20


Good morning chicks!!!! I hope you have had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine! It’s disappeared this morning 🙁

Your first job this morning is to go through all of your letter sounds using your RWI letter mat.

Then,  either using magnetic letters or letters from a scrabble game (if you have one) or just cut up some paper or card and write these letters, one on each piece of paper:- a e i o u g s p n c t f.

Your challenge is to see how many three letter words you can make! Can you beat me?

Write the words down so you know how many you have made.

Then, choose a few of the words you have made and write me some super sentences!


This week, we will be looking at 3D shapes. Sing this song and clap, I am !!  My Maddie Moo thinks I’m bonkers bananas!

The song misses a 3D shape that we need to learn about. Do you know what it is? (cuboid)

Can you explain to your grown-up what the difference is between a 2D shape and a 3D shape? Tell me how you describe it on Dojo or send me a message!

Now, your next challenge of the day is to go around your home, garden, environment and find me as many different 3D shapes as you can! How many can you find? Can you find more than me? Do you remember what the word environment means? Tell your grown-up if you can!



Friday 24.04.20

Good morning chicken pies! It’s fish and chip, spellings Friday! Yay!! :))


How many tricky words can you read on this powerpoint?

tricky words

How many can you spell without looking?

(Grown-ups some children will be able to read and spell a few of the words and others lots)

Write a few sentences using as many tricky words in them as possible!


You can play this game to practise finding 1 more 1 less


Let’s do our workout today with Maurice!! Mine and Mr Woodhouse’s favourite!! :))

Don’t forget to read, read, read!!!

Have lots of fun!!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx

Thursday 23.04.20

Good morning chicks! I hope you are all ok? Missing you all so much!

First job today is to write the end part of Hansel and Gretel! Can’t wait to read them!


Practise your counting forwards and backwards! If you have flash cards that you made or some that a grown-up made, mix them up and then see how fast you can put them in the right order!

Here are some more tasks to practise working on less than (Don;t worry if you don’t have printers just draw them or better still your child can draw them!) t-n-7131-one-more-or-less-than-activity-mat-


Practise ‘f’ – Down the stem, and draw the leaves! remember we put a curl/flick on the bottom of our ‘f’!

Do you know any words that have two ‘ff’s together ? (e.g. huff puff)

Have a fun day!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx




Wednesday 22.04.20

Good morning chicken pies!!! It is a lovely sunny morning today! I can’t wait to go outside into my garden after I have done all my teacher jobs!

Right, first job for you today, is to tell me the next part of the Hansel and Gretel story! Watch, listen or read the powerpoint again and concentrate on the middle part of the story! Can’t wait to read and see all of your hard work!


Practise your counting forwards and backwards!

Today we are going to do a bit more work on less than (it’s always more trickier than more than!)

Here is a powerpoint for you or your grown-up to read with you. t-n-7444-the-one-less-than-monkey-powerpoint-_ver_1 (1)

Then, I think you should do some maths outside!! It’s far too nice to be indoors! I’ll put some challenge cards on here (Grown-ups adapt them accordingly- you might not be able to find the items outside so just change them; also extend to bigger numbers and 2 less than 3 less than etc. depending on the level your child is at)

Take some pictures of the things you are hunting for and if you can, record some number sentences for me (sums)

E.g. Find 5 stones o o o o o  What is 1 less than 5? Record it – 5-1 = 4

If you have chalk, you could write the numbers and number sentences on the floor outside!! (If you don’t mind getting a bit messy! I get into trouble at school for doing this outside ;))



Let’s practise the digraph oo and oo – oo oo poo at the zoo! oo oo look at a book!! Remember – all around the orange! for the correct formation!

Can you write me some oo and oo words please? Maybe with pictures 🙂 x

Love Mrs Taha xxx


Tuesday 21.04.20

Good morning chicks! I hope you are all ok?

Today, we are starting our new topic for this half term which is ‘Traditional Tales’

Do you know what a traditional tale is? They are also called fairy stories or fairy tales. Can you think of any that you might already know? I bet you can!!!

We are going to start by reading and retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel. We are going to listen to the first part of the story and then I want you to write about it in your own words. We will split the story over the next three days, so today I just want you to tell me the first part (the beginning) tomorrow the middle part and then on Thursday, the end part. Here is a sheet you can print out to write on. I cut them out in the shape of a cottage but you can use any paper and maybe decorate the top part with some drawings of sweeties and treats!  hansel and gretel sheet 2

If you click on the link below (voiceover1) hopefully you should be able to listen to me read Hansel and Gretel. Listen up to slide number 12 and then talk about what happened in the first part of the story with your grown-up  and then write the first part of the story. (Grown-ups) The children will all write at their own particular level. The first part of the story might be ….

Example 1

Once upon a time there were a boy and a girl called Hansel and Gretel. They were very poor. They had no food. Their stepmother and father took them into the woods and left them there.

Example 2

Hansel and Gretel were poor. Their stepmum and dad took them into the forest and left them. They felt sad.

Example 3

They had no food. They went in the forest. They were lost.

voiceover 1


Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20 (or 30)

Talk about what the words more and less mean.

Grown-ups – ask your children to show you different amounts using their finger, e.g. 7, 5 10 etc. Then ask them to show you 1 less than 5, 1 more than 6 etc.

Here are some challenges for you to try out ….one more one less

Here is a sweetie jar for you to put in the numbers 1 more, 1 less. Don’t worry if you don’t have printers, just draw the activities or do them practically 🙂 1more 1less sweet jar


Practise the digraph ee, ee What can you see? – Remember, scoop off the top and lift out the egg!

What are your favourite sweets? Can you draw or paint me a picture of them?

My favourite sweet is a chocolate bar called a Starbar ! mmm yum yum!


Monday 20.04.20

Good morning my chicken pies!!!! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday! I am missing you loads and loads and I can’t wait to hear all your news and what you have been up to!!

I would like your first job this week to be to tell me all about your Easter holiday. Did the Easter bunny visit?

Have you been playing in your garden? Have you been on any walks? Have you seen anything interesting?

Have you been on your bike or your scooter? Have you been playing your favourite games?

Please write in your green books or on any piece of paper and let me know your holiday news!

This is mine …..

In the holidays, I went on lots of long walks with my big girls, Ella Smella and Maddie Moo! I went along the canal and I saw lots of boats. I tried to feed the ducks but they were not hungry! I went in the woods and I saw lots of pretty flowers. I saw a busy bee and and old castle. I had lots of fun!




Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20 (or 30)

I want you to practise ordering your numbers 0-20. Make your own number lines, out of anything you have around the house. Here are some ideas you could try ….Counting_and_Ordering_Numbers_to_20[1]

How quickly can you order them?

I can’t wait to see your number lines!

If you can print, (but no worries if not) here are some numberblock flashcards for you to cut out , colour and order.

number blocks 1-10

number blocks 11-20


Practise the correct formation of b and d. Make sure you start your letters in the right place!!


b – (start at the top!) Down the laces to the heel and around the toe!!!

d – (Start like a curly c) Around the dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck and down to his toes!!!

Practise wring bed!

Love Mrs Taha xxxx






Friday 3.4.20

Good morning chicken lickens! How did your rockets do? I hope you got some good results! Can’t wait to hear all about it! It’s fish and chip, spellings Friday!!! Yipeee!!!

Practise reading as many tricky words as you can!!


Don’t forget ‘look’ and ‘here’ as well!!!

Grown-ups – Dictate some simple sentences using the tricky words. Adjust this to your child’s ability; making it simpler (this might mean lots of repetition of the same sentence ) or making the sentence longer if your child is ready for this.

E.g. I have a dog.

      I have a pig.

      I have a bath.

When I was little I said goo goo.

I like you she said!

I like pizza!

There were some little people in the doll’s house.


Read, read, read as much as you can!



Go outside and do your warm up! 

Then I want you to do some circuit training. You decide what you need to do at each station. So firtsly set up the stations, and plan what you will do at each one. You might use some of the things you used in your obstacle course last week!

At my first station I am doing 20 star jumps!

At my next station I will bounce a ball on the floor 20 time.

At my next station I will do bunny hops over a log.

At my next station I will do 20 press ups.

At my next station I will skip for 1 minute.

Today, we ‘break up’ for Easter! That doesn’t mean you can stop working!! Please keep reading, writing and practising your maths!

Have a lovely time!

See you soon!

Love Mrs Taha xxxxxx




Thursday 2.4.20

Good morning my chicks! I hope you are all ok and your rockets are ready to go!!! I can’t wait to see or hear all about them!


You need to go outside and find a good place to fly your space rocket. Mark a line somewhere on the floor. This will be your starting line; to make sure you do it fairly! Now launch your rocket and see how far it will go!!!. Let’s count backwards,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!Then measure how far it has flown. Firstly, measure the distance using your foot steps. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps, one foot directly in front of the other! How many foot steps did it fly? If you have a tape measure, you might want to measure how many cm it flew? (You might want to repeat this a few times until you get your best result!


This time, launch your rocket as high as you can into the sky. How long did it stay up in the air?

Measure this by clapping. How many claps did it stay in the air, before it hit the ground? Next,you might want to get your grown-up to use their stopwatch on their phone to record the time in seconds.

Don’t worry if bits fall off your rocket, or they get damaged! We are investigating and finding out what happens and it is a good thing to try out new things and see what happens!


Now, chicks I would like you to record this information that you found out for me, using this sheet if you can. (But no worries at all if not. Just use your green book or any paper!) My Space Rocket Evaluation

Grown-ups – talk about the word evaluation, explain that it means we think about what we have done, the materials we used and what was good and what we could do better next time!

Mrs Taha’s Space Rocket Evaluation

My rocket flew seven foot steps. 

It flew 50cm.


My rocket was in the sky for 2 claps.

It was in the sky for 2 seconds.

My rocket was really good.

Next time I would make it lighter and give it bigger wings.


Please practise the correct formation of ‘m’ – maisy, mountain, mountain, flick! What can you write with ‘m’ in it?

mummy, moon, milk, room, zoom.

Can’t wait to talk to you all!

Love Mrs Taha xxx


Wednesday 1.4.20

Good morning my chicks! And good morning to all my grown-ups! I will be trying to ring you all over the next few days to say hi and for a catch up with you all!

Hope you are all ok and FS2 I hope you are all behaving for your grown-ups! I will be checking!!!


This morning I would like you to design a space rocket! Please draw me a picture of it and then describe it for me. my rocket design

What will it look like?

What colour will it be?

How fast can it go?

What will be its name?

How will it fly?

My rocket is long and thin. It is red and blue. It can go much faster than a racing car. My rocket is called Super Flames. It can fly using its turbo engines. It can fly all around the Earth and to all of the planets.


After you have designed your rocket. I would now like you to make it!! (Grown-ups obviously this will be quite different to their actual designs!) At school we use paper, cardboard, toilet roll and kitchen roll middles, anything available! It might just be a paper aeroplane. We stick, colour, paint and add whatever we like to design and create our rockets.

Let your rocket dry and put it in a safe place for tomorrow! (On Thursday we will fly them, so keep them safe until then please).


Please practise the digraph ‘er’ er er better letter!! Can you write some words with ‘er’ in them? flower, monster, dinner.

See you soon 

Mrs Taha xxx


Tuesday 31.3.20

Good morning chicken pies! Hope you are all ok!


Your first job today is to finish off writing about the Easter story! Carry on watching or re-watch the story

or you and your grown-up can read it on this powerpoint.t-t-5074-the-easter-story-powerpoint-_ver_15


Grown -ups talk to your child about measuring using a ruler or tape measure if you don’t have a ruler to hand. Explain how to measure accurately and that we must write cm after the measurement, otherwise it won’t make sense. Play this game (if it will work)

Then have a go a measuring these t-t-2546432-easter-bunny-measuring-activity_ver_2

What else can you find around your home to measure in cm?


Practise the correct formation of ‘ea’ 

Can you write some words with ‘ea ‘ them? tea, sea, Easter, meat

Here are some fun Easter activities t-t-002-ks1-easter-egg-template-colouring-sheets_ver_4


t-t-2546556–new-easter-dot-to-dot-activity-sheets_ver_2 (1)

Don’t forget to read, read, read! Here is a link to read some ebooks


Monday 30.3.20

Good morning my chicks! I hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend.


Watch the first part of The Easter Story  (Some of you watched it with me during Collective Worship before school closed). Talk to your grown-up about it; then write about what happened during the first part of the story! Remember top tips for writing!  You can use this sheet The Easter Story sheet  

or your green book or any paper.


This week I want us to think about measuring! Measuring lots of things in different ways! How do we measure things? What can we use? and How do we know it is a fair measurement/accurate? I want you to measure using a variety of things (not just rulers and tape measures, but cubes, pencils, bricks, sweets, pasta etc.) Here are some measuring challenge cards for you to have a go at! (You don’t have to do them all today!)

Have fun measuring!



Can you please practise the correct formation of ‘g’ and ‘e’

g – around the girls face, down her hair and give her a curl.

e – lift off the top and scoop out the egg.

Practise writing the word egg ! Can you draw or paint me a beautiful Easter egg?

Don’t forget to read, read, read!

Mrs Taha xxx



Friday 27.3.20

Good morning chicken lickens!

It’s fish and chip and spellings Friday!! Our favourite! Yay!!!

Today I would like you to practise your last set of spellings that you were given. Try your best! It doesn’t matter if you get them wrong as long as you have a go!

How many tricky words can you read on our blue word mat? Don’t forget to add on ‘look’ and ‘here’ as well!


Grown-ups ask your children to write a few sentences using any of the key tricky words (Children will know different amounts of these words and they can use the blue word mat to refer to).


I said go to the shops!

Come here little pig.

I like to go to the park.

Have you come to play today?

Also read, read, read! Here are some of our favourites we like to read together in class on the whiteboard.

It’s P.E. this afternoon! Do you remember how to warm up, playing the beans game? Get your grown-up to join in!

Jumping bean, runner bean, french bean, baked bean, beans on toast!

Can you make an obstacle course in the garden?

Can you draw or paint me a picture of a spring flower or plant?

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll be here Monday morning waiting for you all.

Mrs Taha xxx



Thursday 26.3.20

Good morning chicken pies!

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine!

Literacy/Understanding the World

I went in my garden yesterday to do some tidying up and I thought about you all when I kept finding lots of mini beasts! Did you go on a hunt for some the other day? Go out this morning and explore some more! I’m sending you a check list to see how many different creatures are in your garden. I want you to choose your favourite, then draw me a picture of it. Tell your grown-up how we find out facts and information! Then find out as as many facts as you can about your favourite mini beast and write them underneath your picture. My favourite yesterday was the ladybird! I found three of them! I can’t wait to see all of your hard work and fact finding! I know you are all really good at this!




Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20 or 30! Subitise using the powerpoint or with your grown-ups fingers (as earlier in the week). I want you to think about the number 8 today. Practise writing the number 8 correctly across a page in your green book or on a piece of paper. Remember it starts like a ‘s’ slither down the snake, and then it joins back up. Now draw me lots of ladybirds on your paper. Your task is to find as may different ways to make 8 as you can and show me with the spots on their backs! How many ways can you find?


I know yours will be much better than Mrs Taha’s (You know my drawings are not very good!)








Practise the correct formation of s and practise writing words that end with ss e.g. miss, kiss, class.

Don’t forget to read! I hope you are reading everyday!!

Mrs Taha xx


Wednesday 25.3.20

Good morning chicks! I hope you are all being good and doing your jobs and behaving for your grown-ups! Remember, I will be checking!!

Do your exercises with Joe Wicks! I am!

Literacy Task

Today, click on the link below, and read ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’

t-l-53321-back-to-earth-with-a-bump-ebook-_ver_3 (1)

If you were going on a journey into space; What would you need to take with you?

Use this rocket, to list the things you would need to take …..t-t-15488-what-would-i-take-to-space-rocket-writing-frame-_ver_1   Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, it really doesn’t matter! If you don’t, just make me a list of all the things you would like to take on a piece of paper, or in your book.

I think I would take …….

some pop

a jumper

some cheese

a book

my cat

a camera

Don’t forget your top tips for writing!!!

Maths Task  

Count forwards and backwards from 0 to 20 or 30!

Today, grown-ups can use their fingers to subitise. (FS2, you might have to show them what to do first!!!) Grown- ups – Hold up different amounts of fingers in different ways e.g show 5, then 7 then 10 etc. increasing the pace. Mix it up and show the numbers in different ways e.g. 3 fingers on one hand and 1 on the other to show 4, then 2 fingers and 2 fingers etc. Children being able to recognise amounts on sight is really good for developing and deepening their mathematical understanding.

Collect several small objects from inside or outside your house. Could be stones, buttons, small toys, sweets anything at all and they don’t have to be the same shape, size or colour. Count the items , then mix them up, shuffle them around, get your child to say the amount, without counting them, move them into different positions and ask your child How many are there?  Is the amount the same, even though they are in different positions? (Count the objects together, to check if they are right or not).

Then, begin to take 1 away , 2 away etc. Use the language of How many? Subtract, take away, less than, minus. Ask your child to set problems for you to complete too!


Practise the correct formation of ck.

Remember, our k has a loop! Start at the top, down, half way back up, loop the loop and kick the leg!

Write some words that have the ck in them. Remember, ck goes at the end of a word or near the end of a word!

e.g. black, sock, rocket


Have fun! I am missing you lots! Work hard and be good!

Mrs Taha xx


Tuesday 24.3.20

Good morning chicken pies! 😊

Why don’t you join in with Joe Wicks this morning and do some exercises. Get your grown-up to join in too (Ha ha).


Literacy Task

Read the story or get your grown-up to read it to you.

t-or-774-the-best-dress-ever-ebook_ver_6 (1)

What clothes would you design for your alien? Will it be a dress? Will it be some shorts and a top? A jumper and trousers? sports clothes? A football kit?

Draw your alien’s outfit and then describe it for me.

My alien has a top. It is red and green. My alien has some shorts. They are blue and spotty. My alien has black boots.

Remember your top tips for writing! (Grown-ups remember not all the words have to be spelled correctly, it is fine for children to write phonetically (as it sounds).



Count forwards and backwards 0 to 20, or up to 30 if you like!

Subitise using the powerpoint from Monday!

Watch our favourite Numberblocks!

Here are some numberblocks subtraction sheets for you to complete. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, just look at them on the screen and either tell your grown-ups the answers or write them in your green book.

subtraction – numberblocks


Phonics/Handwriting Task

Practise the correct formation of ng, nk

Can you write some words using the ng and nk digraphs? e.g. song, bang, pink

Go in the garden and look for some mini beasts. How many different mini beasts can you find? Find out some facts about them.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Taha x


Monday 23.3.20

Good morning chicks!

Hope you are all well!


Literacy Task

Listen to Here Come the Aliens by Colin McNaughton. Afterwards look at all the different aliens and look at the all the horrible things they are eating for their lunch! Errrr, disgusting!!! Talk to your grown-up about what your alien would look like. Draw a picture of it and then describe it. How many heads has it got? How many eyeballs? What colour is it? What does it eat?

Remember all your top tips for writing! Tell your grown-up what they are!

You can use the next clean page in your green book or any piece of paper. 😊





Count forwards and backwards from 0 to 20. Explain to your grown-up how to subitise!

Click on the link below to access the PowerPoint


Can you and your grown up write each other some subtraction number sentences? e.g. 10-2=  6-3=


Phonics/Handwriting Practice

Practise the correct formation of ch, sh, th

Can you write some words using the ch, sh, th digraphs? e.g. chip, bath wish

Go in the garden and have some fun in the sunshine!

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Taha x