Throughout the school we take a practical and theoretical approacgeog1h to the study of geography. In KS1 children find out about different countries and cultures and the way they differ from our own. Children begin to develop their locational knowledge by identifying characteristics of different countries. They also begin to build on their observational skills relating to both human and physical features both locally and internationally.

These skills are developed further into KS2 where field trips allow the children to Geog 2study and record the world around them, as well as identify features of landscape and utilise a range of other skills to make sketches and pieces of writing about their experiences. In Year 4, the children visit Castleton where they experience the human and physical geography of the Peak District, and the Year 6 class visit Whitby where they can study geographical features extensively over a week. Geographical knowledge is developed through the closer study of maps and atlases and children practise using compasses, grid references, symbols and keys to read and create their own maps and apply these skills practically.


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